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New aussie girl - first Post- After advice :)

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  • New aussie girl - first Post- After advice :)

    Hi Everyone,
    I am new here and this is my first post. I have been stalking the boards for a while and decided to join.
    I never ever thought I would find myself eating primal/paleo i even remember reading about someone being paleo in a bodybuilding forum once and thought I will never be paleo or primal.

    I guess in a way life has forced me to be eating this way. I have an auto immune disease (hashimotos) and as a bit of a health and nutrition nut I did my research and found this was the best way of life for me to follow and so far it has proved itself.

    Before i was diagnosed with hashis I was following a bodybuilding type lifestyle, low fat, grilled skinless chicken brocolii (gag) etc and I do feel as though that lifestyle contributed to my hashimotos diagnosis. I was lifting weights 3-4 days a week in a split routine. One day I just crashed and I could barely lift my children I never got better and my lifting and all forms of exercise stopped completely I was fatigued but suffered terrible insomnia for 18 months. When i started to become a moody emotional mess and find myself balling for no reason I knew something was definitely wrong and thats when I got diagnosed and not long after I went gluten free then primal.

    I am still a learner though so please go easy on me while I find my way

    So i find myself now wanting to get back into lifting. I would love to do crossfit but I live in a small country town in Australia and we just do not have that here. I prefer to work out at home because I have two small children and I have everything I could possibly need. My question is I dont know what plan I should follow and how to get my nutrition to match so I dont crash again. My body is very sensitive to exercise and I have tried a couple of times to start lifting again and I just couldnt do it. I NEED to do it though.

    Any advice on nutrition and training would be very much appreciated. I would love to lose about 5kg and build some lean muscle and become stronger sometimes with hashis come loss of upper body strength.

    Thank you in advance.

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      Hi there from another aussie newbie


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        I enjoy doing bodyweight training, personally. Convict Conditioning (Paul Wade) and You Are Your Own Gym (Mark Lauren) are two of the more popular books around here. You can certainly find them online. I have zero experience with kettlebells, but I hear they are pretty good. Browse around the forum and you'll find oodles of information on them. Both are much cheaper alternatives to building a home gym with a squat rack, bench, etc. All you'll need is a pullup bar for bodyweight and the bells themselves for kettlebells.
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          Have you downloaded the exercise ebook from this site? The routines look very tame compared to a bodybuilding routine but are all you need to keep in shape and rebuild yor health.


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            I'd also suggest "You are your own gym". I formerly worked with weights, and was injuring myself often enough (once a year roughly, usually when I was changing things up) that I'd thought I'd try bodyweight exercise.

            At first, I was skeptical. Now that I am 5 weeks into YAYOG, I can say that I feel like it is no different then a good work out with weights. The best thing is, I can do it right in my living room or back yard with my girls hanging on me if they insist.


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              One perk of crossfit is the ability to follow the workouts anywhere and mod them to your capabilities. If you have everything you need at your house then just go to On the main page they have the workout of the day (WOD). Complete that as often as possibility. Lower the weights to your abilities.
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                How long have you been eating primal? My suggestion would be to let your body get used to decreased carb consumption for a few weeks or you will crash! Make sure to get plenty of fat.

                I second everyone saying to use your body as your gym. Push-ups, dips, jump squats, switch lunges, burpees, planks...etc.... You can get a killer interval workout in 15 min TOTAL!


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                  Hi fellow aussies
                  Thanks everyone for the replies.
                  I had forgotten about the fitness ebook I downloaded, I read it last night and I am considering it. Also interested in the WOD's and sorry if this is a ignorant question but can you really achieve results from just doing the wod and sprints etc.
                  Primalmotana - I have been low carb since the beginning of the year and on and off for about a year.