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Do pullup bars hurt the door?

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    I put (or rather I got my son to put) my bar in a narrow passage between the walls higher than the door frame, so we can open/close the doors without removing the bar. Its extendable and holds in place by pressing on the walls. The instruction says its ok for 110kg. I like it so high, allows me to just hang on it. I can't do pushups anyway. Maybe some time.


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      I have the one that hooks on the doorframe, and yes, it does require molding. I've been using it for years, multiple times a day, and the only damage to the doorframe is a little paint discoloration. I believe strongly that I would never have gotten a pullup if I weren't reminded by its presence constantly to hop up and do negatives. I have it on my bathroom door, and every time I go through the door I made myself do a negative (now a pullup). Grease the groove works!


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        I got mine at Target for 11 dollars in the sporting goods department.

        You DO have to put screws into the holders into the door frame itself, but
        that is easily rectified with spackle later.

        No one has come crashing down from my pullup bar yet, and the door frame
        is 100%.

        Even with my 220# husband on it and my kids playing on it constantly (SO irritating).

        I've had it for 5 years.



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          I have a doorframe pull up bar. The trim was crappier than I realized. It failed in mid pull up and I landed on my ass on the floor with the bar still in my hands. So I replaced the top piece of trim with 1x4 wood with ample screws deep into the studs. Works great now, though I won't forget the plummet.


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            thanks for the replies, I think I will have to find a friend's handy husband to insert a screw one into the frame.

            In the meantime, I am going to practise pulling myself up on the table from sitting underneath it. My pulling up I probably mean 'raising my ass a little' but it is a start,


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              Originally posted by TLoRu View Post
              The only issue we had was that it turned our white crown molding black.... I guess from the pressure and constant rubbing. Completely worth it though!

              This exactly. I'm having a little impression on my white molding right now and getting scared the landlord may have a fit but that wont stop me!



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                Did you see the awesome pullup/dip station in the blog the other day? Scroll down to see it. I bet it costs a fortune.
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                  Originally posted by Kochin View Post

                  1.- Get the "screw-in" bars they sell on eBay: ADJUSTABLE PULL-UP CHIN-UP DOOR GYM BAR HOME EXERCISE WORKOUT TRAINING FITNESS | eBay I use that badboy. It's cheaper and more versatile (and apparently doesn't do much more harm to door-frames that the more "stable-looking" ones). It holds enough weight, too. Don't be fooled, it's a strong piece of equipment.
                  Err .... This kind of bar doesn't necessarily work with all sorts of houses. I've cracked three door frames in my place with this very bar (just hoping the landlord doesn't notice at the next inspection).
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                    Hmm, doors are inanimate.... they feel no pain, so you can yell at them, slam them, and they feel nothing... Sorry folks, my smart-alec bone got the best of me!