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Lazy, sedentary friends :(

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  • Lazy, sedentary friends :(

    Hi all,
    I've always been massively into sports and fitness, and going primal has helped me to do even more! However, I have a problem.... I have very lazy friends.

    They just want to sit indoors and drink beer, eat pizzas and fried rubbish. They're really supportive of my primal life, and they even cook, yes seriously cook, primal style foods for me when we have gatherings! But they just don't want to do anything active. When we have barbecues we kick and throw a ball around, but they sit down in about 15 mins and I'm left holding the ball unfinished lol.

    Anyone else have problems like this?


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    I have similar friends, the only places they want to hang out and be social is bars. Beer and crummy bar food. I do partake in the occasional beer (80/20 I love you) but it's made me into the anti-social member of the group. I have a few other acquaintances that are active, but they're at the other end of the spectrum, addicted to chronic cardio! They're always willing to go outside with me, provided I want to go on trail runs and exercise non-primally.


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      Yeah that sounds about right, It's frustrating isn't it?