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Office Job's and Primal Fitness

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  • Office Job's and Primal Fitness

    I recently went from being a moderately active CW, Chornic Cardio victim to becoming Fully Primal.
    The eating has been simple and amazing, but concerns are the working out.

    I used to work out 5 days a week, for one hour in the morning I would do 30 min. of Intense Cardio on the treadmill (7-7.5 for 30 min) and 30 min. of eitehr squats, lunges, planks or pushups, dips and some abs. As well as taking 30 min walks for lunch and 3 days a week coming home to to P90x. On weekends I do a lot of yardwork, play golf, and actively have fun. (I love weekends...)

    I did all this working out because I started working in an office sitting down for 8 hours and on the CW diet, I was putting on some weight.

    My question is... How active should I be on Primal? Because I still have to mainly sit for 8 hours a day, do I still do a majority of my workouts the same? is it too much? I am pretty fit ( 5'9" and 142 lbs, no idea what my body fat is.) I just want to maintain, be happy, and not stress about working out anymore. Please help!!

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    The quality and intensity of the exercise is paramount. Some is good, more isn't necessarily better.

    If you're eating well the Primal Blueprint advice of moving slowly a lot, doing strength work a few times a week and sprinting regularly, but occasionally (about once a week) is pretty good IMO.

    A lot of walking won't really make you "fit", but it's the counter balance to being sedentary. That's probably the one part where more volume is better.

    The sprints and heavy lifting will make you fit. And I thinking eating very well with a sedentary job, beats eating like crap with a physically demanding job.


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      Thank you mike_h! That is very helpful. I will be sure to park all the way in the back of the parking lot from now on.
      And of course keep up the Heavy Lifting and the "oh-so wonderful" Sprints once a week.
      Your clarification on the moving slowly alot to avoid being sedentary makes sense, Thanks for the explanation!
      It all just seemed so easy (as in simple) my slowly converting still stuck CW mind had trouble wrapping my head around it.


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        I have a similar problem! One thing I do to help out is I stand at my desk rather than sit, as much as I can. I hear some offices have nifty adjustable desks that make it super easy to do this, but I am not so lucky. I just brought in a couple standard letter trays from Office Depot to place my keyboard on while I'm standing so I can still work standing comfortably. I also pace in my cube a little, but I'm literally tethered to my desk (call center) so there's not much in the way of movement during my work day...