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    I live in the UK, and find that I get cold feet all the time, I cannot walk arround my house bare food even when the heating is on, I always have to wear slitters and socks, my floors are wood. I find I get much better sleep if I wear socks in bed even in summer.

    If I go barefoot even around the house sometimes I can feel myself beginning to catch sniffles or a start of a cold,. and I know its cos my feet are bare.

    Does anyone else get these problems, and how have you fixed them, i would like to try more barefood atleast around the house to start with.

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    My toes tend to get cold, but I have Raynaud's Syndrome. When I get cold, I put on socks. I even have "Hot Hands" warmers for my feet, if I really need them.

    Go barefoot -- but when you get cold, put on socks. Once your feet are warm, take the socks off.
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