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How many hours do you sleep?

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  • How many hours do you sleep?

    I'm curious how much you guys sleep and if you notice a lack of sleep having an impact on your ability to function and exercise.

    I was having some problems with insomina. I read "Lights Out" by TS Wiley, which was helpful. She takes the primal angle on sleep. You can read the short interview here:

    Hunting For Health: 10 Questions with T.S. Wiley, the Author of "Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival"

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    In my case sleep is very important or rather - the fact that I don't get enough of it. I sleep well, when I can find time but my OH is a chef and I work 9-5, so we sacrifice quite a lot of sleep to be together at least for a bit every day.
    I notice big decrease in my strength and endurance during workouts, as well as fatloss, when I sleep 5-6 hrs a night, compared to, lets say 8-9. I know I have to sort it out somehow... And my trainer reminds me about it every time.


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      6-9 hours a night depending on mid-night wake up factors (cats, bathroom, snoring husband). Too little sleep has never bothered me nor has it lasted long. Occasional bouts of mind-numbing insomnia, but none lately. I usually wake up on my own with the sun or just behind it.
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        7.5-9 hours. Lights Out is an amazing book. I was sleeping more but since adding coconut oil have started sleeping less.


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          7.5 hours consistently.
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            7-8 hours, unless I'm especially exhausted, then I can sleep up to 9-10. Anything less than 7 hours and I am dragging the next day, not just in my workouts, but in everything.
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              Originally posted by OutdoorAmy View Post
              7-8 hours, unless I'm especially exhausted, then I can sleep up to 9-10. Anything less than 7 hours and I am dragging the next day, not just in my workouts, but in everything.
              I'm the same way. Wish I could work on less sleep, but I just can't

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                Six to 6.5 hours Monday through Friday. Varies anywhere from 6 to 8 hours on the weekends.


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                  6-9 during the week. Seems like the longer I sleep, the more dragged out I feel in the afternoon until I catch my second wind in the evening. Weekends if I don't have to get up for anything, I can easily sleep 12 hours or more.
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                    7.5 consistently. Wish it was more....but gosh, life to live


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                      What do you suppose it says about the respective diets when here on MDA I hear a lot of 8-9 hours a night and when I was a raw food wannabe people were saying how much less sleep they needed? I am not saying one is right or wrong, better or worse. I know the raw food thing just did not work for me and I am in the early stages of trying to eat primally. Just notcied this as a significant difference in the two. Do primals need more rest to digest and use the food? Do raw fooders need to be awake to get more food in because they are deficient? Just wondering!
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                        I'm lucky to get 7. Mostly 6-7 hours consistently. My wife is a bit of a night owl so we stay up late since I work so much during the day.
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