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Please critique my plan to add muscle and lose fat

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    Originally posted by Wanderlust View Post
    With all due respect the reason you might not have made large gains from lifting is you might be undercutting your recovery. Muscles don't get built on workout days, they get built during recovery (1 & 2 days after lifting). So by limiting calories and protein on those days you can basically prevent your muscles from growing.

    If anything you should be upping your food & water intake (primally of course), and sleep in the recovery period.

    In short I think it should look like this:
    *Left heavy a couple times a week.
    *Sprint regularly.
    *Stay active as much as possible.
    *Eat Primal

    Save IF until everything else is clicking along, for me it seems to happen by accident. I.e. I'm being eating great, accidently miss a meal or two, still exercise and realize I haven't eaten but I still free great so I skip another meal.
    That extra 20 lbs of body fat is really bothering me and I'd like to get rid of it. Every time I've ever had the mentality that you have to eat plenty to get strong I've always gotten fat. Granted I've never tried it with primal food so maybe that will go better.

    IFing doesn't take a lot of effort, it kind of comes naturally to me, especially since I started primal eating. I actually have to eat when I'm not hungry on workout days to make sure I get the extra calories in. Ever since I went primal I just don't seem that hungry and I often just get tired of eating in the middle of a meal and stop. The only time I feel really hungry is after lifting and I usually stay hungry the rest of the day so I keep eating. I eat when I'm hungry.


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      Originally posted by Dirlot View Post
      My apologies...but I would stick to pull-ups rather than the lat machine you will get a much better workout even if it means doing your 5 pullups, then your 3 (but add two slow negatives) then your 2 (but add 3 slow negatives) etc.

      I still stand by starting strength or stronglifts if you are just starting out, if you feel you are back in the groove maybe madcow or another advanced routine.
      No need to apologize, I was just clarifying. Another reason I don't do pullups is that I usually do back after chest so I'm already a little tired and that 5 pullup first set turns into 3. Maybe I should switch it up and do back first because I like the idea of doing pullups instead of lat pulldowns, that's what I've been working up to. It is about time for me to switch up my routine so maybe I'll give it a shot. I've also put a chinup bar in my garage so I can try to get better at them but haven't made too much progress. I think a little extra muscle and 10 lbs less of body fat would put full sets of pullups right in my wheelhouse and I'm definitely working towards that.


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        I would definitley do pull-ups before chest. Best to put the most energy into working the largest muscle groups.

        But I like your plan, it sounds solid to me. The simpler the better, and it sounds simple to me. I would also make sure that you are getting plenty of carbs straight after training, you want the anabolic effects of an Insulin spike without fat gain, and eating like this delivers.

        And I agree with doing pull-ups rather than using a machine, the more you stick with them the better you will get at them. You can always do a few negatives once you max out on your full reps, it will get you over a sticking point pretty quickly.
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