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Physio and exercise to rehab shoulder (and resistance bands)

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  • Physio and exercise to rehab shoulder (and resistance bands)

    I had a shoulder operation 10 weeks or so ago now and wondered if anyone knew of any good workouts and exercises that I could use to:

    1. Strengthen the shoulder.
    2. Help regain full movement.

    I've been carrying out exercises as instructed by the physiotherapist but do wonder if there are other exercises that would be more effective for regaining full movement. I can lift my arm up and down (which I couldn't initially) which is great, but when putting my hand behind my back movement is still incredibly limited.

    I hear that resistance bands are a good idea, too. This has led to me reading up on them. Any recommendations as to which brand to go for? Bodylastics, PRAXIS and Iron Woody all seem to have fans - and would of course be useful for exercise long-term, but which is best and why I am unsure. I even see Mark gave away equipment from RubberBanditz in a competition, so wonder if they're also worth checking out.

    Thanks for the help,


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    I like to do shoulder dislocations to warm up. The name of the stretch makes it sound worse than it really is :-)

    Basically you take a 4' bar or stick, grip it on each end, lock your elbows, then starting at your waist you lift it over your head and behind you until it touches your lower back. As you get more flexible move your hands closer together.


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      Here's a youtube video showing how its done, although this guy does it far faster than I do. I go much slower, about 5 seconds per rep.

      Shoulder Dislocations - YouTube


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        It's a bad idea to ask advice on here without first giving some info.

        What was the surgery? Why did you have it? What exercises are you currently doing?
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          I had a shoulder operation 10 weeks or so ago now and wondered if anyone knew of any good workouts and exercises that I could use to:

          1. Strengthen the shoulder.
          2. Help regain full movement.

          Here is Ido Portal with a nice routine which I've used and benefited from:

          Basic Shoulder ROM and stabilization Routine - YouTube

          Scapula Mobilization Routine - YouTube

          For inspiration:

          Self- Dominance - YouTube

          I like the idea of "dislocates" done with a band or tubing better, esp. in your case. Clear it with your doc first and then start light.
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            Hey All,

            Thank you for your advice.

            Primal Dan - wow, that is absolutely crazy. Can you do that fully as per the video? I can get nowhere near that far back (not that I expected I could given this is still 12 or so weeks post-surgery). That certainly gives me something to aim for long-term. Thanks for sharing this with me.

            Coach Palfrey - you're right. Sorry about that, I was eager to seek advice but didn't give the full picture - it won't happen again! I had keyhole surgery on my shoulder because there was a 3cm tear around the longhead of the bicep (without having the medical documents in front of me, I can't tell you specifically what it was, but I can find out when I'm home). Essentially I inflicted the tear through carrying heavy bags on my right shoulder for a prolonged period of time. I had arthritis at the time and didn't actually notice until months later that the pain was from a tear not arthritis (it was only after going primal cured the arthritis everywhere but the shoulder that I realised it wasn't arthritis after all affecting the shoulder...).

            I'm doing some shoulder specific exercises with a thera-band, shoulder extensions in various directions, then also wall and knee push ups for strengthening. Additionally I'm doing primal movements - 50 full squats, 15 chair assisted pull-ups (1 legged), 90 second full plank.

            Terry H - these videos are excellent, thank you.


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              Best advice: Whatever your Physio told you. =)
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