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Never-Ending Muscle Soreness

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  • Never-Ending Muscle Soreness

    I am a competitive gymnast and I usually train for 7 hours a week. Other than that I don't really do much besides going up and down stairs a lot throughout the course of my day. I have not increased my training recently or changed anything with my workouts for the past year. I am 20 years old; 5'5 and around 130lbs.

    However lately my muscles have been sore ALL THE TIME (well close enough). For the past three weeks I have been only going to practice for 5 hours a week with little to no improvement. And I am so out of it at practice that I don't do as much as usual and my skills etc are definitely weaker than usual. That said for the most part I am not tired or anything at practice it just feels like I have no strength in my muscles. Also, lately even going up and down the stairs is killing my legs. And I have not had a whole lot of energy lately too.

    I eat 1800-2400 calories on average a day (I am guessing). I have been primal for more than six months and eat lots of meat, fish, eggs, veggies, greens, sweet potatoes, butter, lard, some organ meats etc. Lately I have been making sure I get at least a 100 grams of protein a day. I often have a large sweet potato or several regular potatoes a day (and always after workout). Sometimes eating a lot more helps while other times it doesn't. In any case I usually overeat a little at every meal anyways.

    I have been trying to drink more water cuz I have been having low blood pressure symptoms and I am not great about keeping far haven't noticed any improvement.

    So any suggestions?

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    Maybe you're over training and need to take a few days off. I remember my son, who was a competitive swimmer, caught the flu and missed about a week of swimming. When he came back, he'd lost none of his fitness and said he felt like he had tapered.


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      Maybe you're not eating enough to recover...
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        Maybe you are not eating enough carbs.


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          Do you think you could've torn something?


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            I stayed sore forever, too. Until I discovered the molasses and baking soda drink. About a tablespoon of organic blackstrap molasses and 3/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water. Stir until dissolved and let it fizz for a minute until calm. Drink once daily, especially right after a workout for best results. It's the electrolytes and buffering that seem to return my muscles to me. This is no snake oil, I don't think it's good for much else than the nutrients and alkalinity it provides. But it really alleviated my muscle soreness.
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              this sounds a little bit like your body telling you to back off a bit. i would say that a little more rest time could be a good thing to try...if only for a couple of weeks to see how it works. maybe cut down to 4 days a week.
              you might also consider trying a couple of things that could aid in recovery. some post workout carbs could re-fuel those muscles. think sweet potatoes, possibly some fruit. also, give some cold water therapy a try post workout. most accounts on these forums, and mark's latest article on the subject, point to that being a great tool for muscle soreness.
              and there there are supplements. vitamin d and something to keep that omega ratio even will probably help you feel better overall, and popping some magnesium can help with the soreness. go for a "---ate" kind of magnesium, about 400mg with that post-workout meal.


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                Don't train two days in a row, if you can avoid it. Rest days in between sessions are as important as the actual training.
                Sleep more - go to bed early.
                Eat more - especially meat, offal and bone broth. You need to eat muscles and bones to grow more muscle and bone! Additional carbs will also help you get more calories if you struggle to finish a big fatty meal.
                Try bath salts. Someone else mentioned magnesium supplements, you can also absorb magnesium through your skin and it will relax your muscles.
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                  If it were me, I would go in to have it checked. Low calcium, magnesium or potassium can cause this along with a number of other conditions. Best to get some labs checked if possible.

                  In my case, I have a problem with ongoing muscle weakness. For me it is almost completely alleviated by the addition of magnesium and potassium supplement to my diet. I use a topical magnesium brine every night, but other people have had good success with natural calm which you dissolve and drink at night. I also buy a potassium chloride salt and dissolve it in water a few times a day. If I miss more the 3-4 days of these the weakness/fatigue in my muscles comes back. I would also suggest adding him homemade chicken stock with lots of sea salt added.
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                    Low blood pressure can be from a lack of minerals and salts. Don't be afraid to add salt to your food anymore.