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Best remedy for aching knee?

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  • Best remedy for aching knee?

    So I was foolish and did Insanity (I know, I know) for 15 days, just long enough to really exhaust me and stress my knees.

    This past Monday, a personal trainer led me through a session of cardio weights (I know, I know), with each exercise followed immediately by 45 seconds of me moving laterally up and down a half-circle rubber ball thing, just enough to really stress my knees.

    Today in my tae kwon do class (which I've been taking for 2.5 years), in the middle of sparring, I landed hard and boom, my left knee has been aching ever since. Aching a lot. It feels like the tendon on the left side got overstretched like a rubber band. I'm limping slightly when I walk, and before when I took a step, maybe I zigged when I should have zagged because for a moment I was breathless with pain. Then it faded to an ache again. It's aching now, even though I'm just sitting in my chair, typing this message.

    I am **so** mad. I have tournament TKD class on Saturday morning, but if my knee is hurting, I don't know that I can take the class.

    Would I be better off resting completely tomorrow -- not even going for a walk? Or would a walk tomorrow be just the thing to keep my knee from stiffening up?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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