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Strength vs Hypertrophy (bodybuilding) for fat loss

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    Originally posted by en2ec View Post
    Thanks everyone for all of your replies. Looks like the consensus is to stick with my strength training program, at least until I plateau. That's been my strategy all along. I just had some doubts after talking to the trainer. Thanks also for the links and podcast references. I was under the mistaken impression that muscle did consume significantly more calories than fat, but it looks like its benefits have more to do with improving insulin sensitivity, which in my case is all the more reason to keep building strength.
    Don't let anything or anybody else confuse you about this. It's a good filter for metabolic and nutritional information. Best of luck in your quest for improved health.


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      I did stronglifts 5x5 for a while and definitely got stronger, the thing I like about 5/3/1 is that it has heavy singles in it, and it's not so much the weight that you are trying to get up but the reps, so lets say you bench 225 x1, you are feeling good that day and have a spotter and get out 2 reps, congratulations you got stronger! get 230 x1 3 weeks from now. As long as you are getting in your conditioning somehow that's all that matters, sounds like your carbs are in check too. I personally like 5/3/1 it really gets you to concentrate and kick ass on the big lifts. Sounds like you have everything in order though, keep going, keep fasting, as we get leaner it's harder to notice fat loss so stick with it, and read up on 5/3/1


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        Hey Wolfman,
        I just read your post and i'm wondering if the methodology you described will work for me . Im 51 years old male. Over last 5 months I lost 35 lbs doing paleo and intermittent fasting twice a week for 36 hours ( just water ). I lift heavy 4 days a week, steady state cardio at 60-70 % of Max three times a week and twice a week sprints ( 30 second followed by 60 seconds slower pace for about 10 reps ).
        I'm concerned that although i lost considerable amount of weight , I lost only 6% of body fat ( from 28% to 22% ). Which means that I'm loosing muscle, correct? On days that i do not fast I eat around 1800 cals. which is below my 2100 maintenance level. On days I eat i take in between 60-80 grams of carbs ( no pasta, breads etc ). On eating days I take in around 160-180 grams of protein, and the rest is fat. Do you have any suggestions for me?