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  • YAYOG or PBF

    I just finished the first 10 week program of you are your own gym. I got pretty good results and it is a really good program. Im wondering if anyone has done both YAYOG and PBF. I don't know if I should go on to the next 10 week program or try PBF. What kind of results have people gotten with both programs

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    I've tried PBF, CC and YAYOG. I'd say you should try out different stuff, until you find one that you enjoy doing. Don't mind to much about quick results.
    As for me, I'm doing YAYOG with CC mixed in. Saw great results in 10-week Basic, am now doing First Class (slightly modified) and loving every day of it.



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      I'm also curious about this as I'm going on week 4 of YAYOG while my wife is starting PBF. When I'm down with the 2nd level of YAYOG, should I just push ahead to level 3, or switch it up? Have others tried this?


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        Hi Everyone,

        I agree with some of the other posts here in that you should find an exercise program that you enjoy doing and one that fits well with your lifestyle. The key to achieving superior results is consistency, and, in order to be consistent with a fitness program, you will want to follow something that is easy for you to adhere to.

        If it is difficult to follow or really forces you to go against your lifestyle, chances are you will end up quitting after a few weeks.

        That being said, I have been following YAYOG for a while now, and I am currently finishing up the last four weeks of the master class program. I have loved every part of YAYOG so far, and I've seen dramatic results in terms of strength gain and body composition. I used to be all about benching, deadlifting, and squatting, but YAYOG has completely replaced all weight training for me, and I'm able to do it from the comfort of my own home. That's what makes it stupendous in my opinion. Hope this helps!



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          So, zsz101, you have just rolled from one 10 week in YAYOG into the next? Have you repeated a ten week program if you felt that you were not ready to move up? Do you take any rest between the 10 week progs? A curious mind wants to know!


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            Hey Jiigigaw!

            I don't move on to the next 10 week program until I can meet at least most of the minimum requirements for the 10 week program next up in my progression. I forget which page they are on, but the book has minimum requirements for each program.

            If I can easily meet the minimum requirements for the next 10 week program after I finish my current 10 week program, I will just roll into the next 10 week program, guns blazing.

            As for repeating a 10 week program, I'm glad you asked, because I struggled with getting past the 1st class program for a while. If I can't meet the minimum requirements for the next program, I'll go back and repeat the last 4 weeks of the 10 week program I'm currently on, and that's the undulating block where each day is a completely different workout (intervals, super sets, strappers etc..). I'll repeat the undulating block until I'm able to meet the minimum requirements for the next ten week program.

            As far as rest goes, I usually take a full week off after completing a ten week program for the first time, and then I'll take a full week off after each time I repeat the undulating block. Ultimately, I go with how my body feels. If I'm only in week 8 of a ten week program and I'm really feeling beat up, I'll take a full week off at that point and just pick up right where I left off at the end of the week long rest period. The same goes for individual workouts as well. I want to make sure I'm giving my best at every workout, so if I'm just not feeling it on a scheduled workout day, I won't hesitate to put it off to the next day.

            The important thing to remember is not to obsess over perfection, and don't sweat the small stuff. Sure, it's important to strive for perfection, but don't stress about it when something doesn't go the right way. In terms of YAYOG, just focus on practicing good form, consistently do the workouts, and always strive to outdo your last workout, and the results will come. If you follow the Primal Blueprint and YAYOG consistently, you'll be amazed by the results. Let me know if this helps!



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              I am only doing the basic level of YAYOG but for me after trying both PBF and YAYOG (starting out with low strength and fitess) I am finding the varity and structure of YAYOG alot better to follow than PBF. I like the way it builds endurance over the first few weeks moves into strength then power and finally mixes it up in the last four weeks.

              However at the end of the day they are both functional body weight workouts and should both build and strengthen the body if followed consistently.

              I also like the smart phone app for YAYOG cheap and easy to follow.
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                Thank you for the terrific response, ZZ. I was thinking I'd take the week off after my first ten weeks. I am familiar with the tests for each level as well.

                I was leaning towards taking the week and then going the full ten weeks again if I can't quite test into the next level. Very nice idea to just go through the end 4 weeks again. I'm curious though, do you incorporate parts of the PBF plans in your YAYOG work outs? I've been sprinting each week and doing my own versions of "Workout of the Week", otherwise, it is all YAYOG.

                I also thought that I may try, after my ten weeks, a week a of rest, a few weeks of PBF (which is SIGNIFICANTLY easier than 1st Class YAYOG), then trying to test into the next level of YAYOG. THoughts?

                And my Work out of the Week this Saturday will be a 5 mile trek with my kids in a wagon behind me on our way to the local beach.
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                  I'm glad to help. To answer your question, I definitely incorporate PBF into my YAYOG program. I do stationary bike sprints once a week and I do tons of low-level activity, mostly walking.

                  That being said, during the undulating block in YAYOG, the last four weeks, I sometimes skip the stationary bike sprints since YAYOG has me doing tabata sprints and strappers, which both jack my heart rate up close to its max.

                  Other than the sprinting and walking, I stick exclusively to YAYOG.

                  As for switching to PBF for a few weeks after completing a YAYOG ten week program, and then trying test into the next level of YAYOG, I wouldn't see any problems with that as long as you continue to challenge yourself. The only issue I could see is if you build up a significant increase in strength from the YAYOG ten week program and then switch to something less challenging, you may lose some of that strength you've gained, hence why I recommend continuing to challenge yourself.

                  By the way, your workout of the week sounds incredible! I would love to be able to hike to a beach. The closest beach to me is the New Jersey Shore (Avalon, Stone Harbor, Wildwood).



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                    Like one of the posters I have been training heavy with weights for over 25 years, thought I would try something different. I have been through one 10 week cycle and have also been through PBF for probably 5 weeks before I couldn't take it anymore, bored the crap out of me. YAYOG is much more interesting and if I compared the 5 weeks from each there is no comparison. I also agree, work at your own pace, I tried four days in a row then one day off, kicked my arse. Next time I would try two days on, one day off, then last two days or three days on, one day off, then the last day.
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