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    I want some panniers for my new bike that can hold at least a couple grocery bags worth of groceries.
    There are tons of panniers out there, but most of them are horribly ugly as well as ridiculously expensive. My bike is a cream-colored cruiser with Hawaiian flowers and brown leather seat and hand grips, so all of those black or silver baskets and racks look horrible with it. Wicker baskets look nice, but they don't seem to be big or sturdy enough. I'm thinking that a sand/natural color canvas would look nice.
    Looks-wise, these are my favorite: Linus Bike | THE MARKET BAG but the price is pretty outrageous.
    Does anybody know of a great place to get panniers?
    (By the way, I have no sewing talent, so that option is out.)

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    I love my panniers, though they aren't that aesthetically appealing they function really well. What I like about them is that they easily clip on to the bike rack, have a strap and a handle and are open at the top which makes them perfect for shopping. Simply lift them off the rack and take them into the store and fill them up. I balked at the price but eventually bought them a few years ago and they are holding up really well. Maybe you could find something similar on Craig's list or amazon.


    The ones you linked to are attractive but I think they may be a little difficult to use. Looks like you would leave them on the bike and then bring the bagged groceries to the bike.
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      I just found a less expensive one on Amazon. I like the look better than mine.
      Life is death. We all take turns. It's sacred to eat during our turn and be eaten when our turn is over. RichMahogany.


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        I know that Ortlieb makes some nice touring panniers. However pricey, but made to last a long time. Ortlieb USA :: Quality Outdoor Gear from Ortlieb, Tubus, & Ultralight
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          I have Ortlieb panniers with a Tubus rack and they are great. 100% waterproof & a very easy quick release mounting system. My bike is white with a honey Brookes saddle/bar tape and while the Ortlieb brown isn't exactly the same colour it seems to go quite well.


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            I too have Ortliebs that I use when I bike to work to carry clothes on one of my bikes, they are awesome for what they do but not good for groceries.

            For groceries and when I bike to the subway on my cruiser bike, I have REI around town panniers. They used to sell them as a pair. Each one holds perfectly a single full paper grocery bag. I know I bought a pair but they only show up here as singles. Might want to try a single first and then get another if you really need it. Novarra is REI's house brand. They also have 100% money back guarantee so you can buy without risk.

            Novara 'Round Town Single Bike Pannier at