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Skipping - what are your thoughts?

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    Originally posted by primalrob View Post
    i just realized that there is a cultural dialect transfer problem with me here. 'skipping' as i've always known it is sort of hopping jog where you swing your arms and smile widely as you pass through a meadow with deer and bunnies running beside you.
    That is so funny! I think your sort of skipping would be great as an alternative to walking. I think I may try it.


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      Sounds like a great exercise to me. It can have the intensity of a sprint if you're skilled at it, plus it has the added bonus of being a bit difficult so you're exercising some different muscles, as well as exercising your brain!

      Skipping with a rope, or skipping like a sprinter warming up... both good I reckon.

      Skipping through a meadow with birds and chipmunks following you is probably best left to Disney characters...
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        Originally posted by Ann1217 View Post
        This thread is hilarious. I thought he meant skipping like a girl too...

        Me too! Then someone mentioned a rope and I was like, "ohhh." LOL


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            Power skips for height and distance.

            Power Skipping with the ATI strength training shoe - YouTube