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Is speedwalking up hills considered "sprinting"?

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  • Is speedwalking up hills considered "sprinting"?

    Hello PB community. Speedwalking up steep hills without breaks for 20+ minutes seems to be my lunch hour exercise of choice. My doubt is to whether it falls into the "sprinting" category? All replies greatly appreciated.
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    Sprinting is going all out for a very short period of time, ~10 sec, a few times, generally without excessive rest.
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      As Apex said, it does not. Sprinting is best defined as an intense stop-start activity (no sniggering allowed).
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        If you can do it for more than two minutes without slowing down or pausing it is almost certainly not sprinting.


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          While it is not sprinting, it is still good for you. Let's be clear.


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            Originally posted by Bosnic View Post
            While it is not sprinting, it is still good for you. Let's be clear.
            Agreed. A full sprint for most people won't last more than 20 seconds of all-out, I'm-going-to-die-if-I-don't-move-faster intensity. Somewhere between 10 and 20 seconds, you'll hit a wall of some sort, where you feel your body just can't give any more. That's the end of the sprint, and why I don't like to use a timer, because my sprints tend to get shorter as the workout progresses.


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              Sounds like a good exercise, but to add sprints to it you could 'attack' the peaks and troughs of each hill with maximum effort.
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