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PBF made for LGN and not necessarily for better endurance?

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  • PBF made for LGN and not necessarily for better endurance?

    I cut way back on exercise while I was losing weight. After the weight loss stopped and I was feeling better, I brought back easier/lighter exercise. Slower walking, much less jogging, twice a week of body weight exercises. Admittedly not much sprinting or lifting heavy (lifting my own body felt heavy enough to me.)

    I've always had great endurance. This weekend I went out and did what I easily could do before my weight loss and I was completely ruined. I was in pain with muscle and other soreness, I was wiped out with exhaustion, I totally was not able to do as much as I could before. What I used to do with little effort was very difficult. I felt like I've lost my former level of fitness.

    I'm wondering if perhaps endurance exercise like jogging and power walking are way better if endurance is what you seek and that maybe all these strength and sprinting exercises are just for looking good naked. Is the kind of fitness you get for looking good not the same kind you get for being able to exercise super hard? Does building larger or more visible muscles have very little to do with how well those muscles perform?
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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    i think the point of PBF is to make people stronger...looking better naked is really just a happy byproduct. strength and endurance are two entirely different things though. i add to the PBF plan in accordance with what i plan on doing. it's mud run season here in new england, so i'll go running a couple of times a week just to keep up that ability, but i still do the 5 essential movements and sprinting.
    any endurance training i might do i simply count toward my 3-5 hours of moving slowly each week. that might mean a couple of 5k runs and a 14 hour hike throughout the week, but, for me, that all also double counts as play.