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10 day yoga challenge anyone?

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  • 10 day yoga challenge anyone?

    So before I get the whole "But it's not primal!" thing, I've been lurking a while and it seems there are plenty of you who practice yoga because you enjoy it. And because we only kind of consider it exercise, many of us would feel safe about doing it 10 days in a row. So, I propose this challenge in the hopes to get some support. Here's what's up.

    Staring either next Wednesday or Thursday, I am going to start taking a Bikram yoga class. I am committing to ten consecutive days, because that's what their really cheap newcomer package is. I'm doing this because I ride horses, and riding horses (especially falling off) gives you some serious back problems. The best thing I've found for my back is yoga. Then the other day I picked up Bikram's book and started reading, and wow, it sounds fantastic. It also sounds like something that might really be a kind of yoga that can do more to help my back than any other. Thus, I want to try it for ten days and after that I'll decide if I keep going.

    So, my proposition is that some of you join me with any type of yoga you want. It can be at home or in a studio, but it should be a minimum of thirty minutes of practice each day for ten days. (I'll announce next week if I'm starting Wednesday or Thursday.) Who's with me?

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    I think that's a great idea. I'm always looking for a new "challenge" and a 10 day yoga "binge" is one I've never considered! Great idea, just remember to stay hydrated and put back those electrolites if you're going to be in a heated studio for 10 days in a row.


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      I'm thinking of upping my salt and coconut water intake (to go with real water, of course).


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        10 days in a hot room is totally doable. We do 30 day challenges all the time at Moksha studios. Just drink plenty of water. Don't buy into the whole marketing-scheme "You must drink coconut water, energy drinks, and spike your water with Himalayan sea salt and Ultima, etc" because it's all exactly that, marketing. Just drink water. You'll be fine.

        Have a blast! It'll get pretty hard somewhere around day 5, but stick with it and you'll feel very accomplished at the end. I'd join you but I do a daily practice anyway, as well as teach, so it'd be kinda redundant. But I will be cheering you on!


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          The flip side of bikram marketing is to get you into the studio every day (which makes them more money), so once you finish your 10 days, going once or twice a week should be fine.

          I have concerns about bikram and injuries. I know that he says that all of his stuff helps -- and I think it does if you have a good teacher -- but the heat often makes people go farther than they should as well as pushing into tendons and ligaments, which can negatively affect the back.

          But then, no matter which style you do, there are good and bad teachers as well as risk for injury, so I guess the best I can offer is -- good luck and take care of yourself.


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            I have the same concerns, zoebird. Reasons why I don't practice Bikram. It frustrates me that people think "bikram" is synonymous with "hot yoga"--it isn't. It means a specific series of 26 postures that happen to be done in heat. I think the heat is great (I teach and practice in the same heat), but yeah, aspects of the Bikram series and especially parts of the teaching script make me wince.


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              To set everyone's mind at ease... I have lots of practice with regular yoga and am well aware of the potential added risks of Bikram. But my back and I have learned to coexist -- In other words I hear it well now when it's truly saying "Too much! Too much!", or when if I push a little harder it will really be beneficial. So I'll just keep listening and I don't foresee any problems. I'll have to listen extra hard, though, to hear which half of the complaining is my body, and which is my brain. I think my body will love this from day one, whereas my brain will need to warm up to it (no pun intended!).

              As for the comment about twice a week... For me, maybe. I'm struggling with,making yoga a lifestyle. Yoga helps more than anything for my back. Last summer when I did it every day, my back was wonderfully, magnificently sore... But NO pain, Ideally, yes. I'll do a couple days in the studio and the rest do Hatha/Vinyasa at home.But I find myself so much more motivated at a studio (I like being the best in classes...).


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                I practice daily, so I'm certainly not against daily practice.

                The home practice is really where the practice of yoga 'resides.' the classroom is great for instruction and motivation, but it is expensive and time consuming to go to a studio every day. Paying for an unlimited monthly pass here is $150/mo, and that's a lot of money! Maybe it's not at issue for you though.

                And don't get me wrong. I own a yoga studio, and I love to have people coming to class. But the practice belongs to the student --and when they take ownership of it, as their own practice, in their own time/home -- that's when the real "jumps" in capacity with yoga come. Not just the physical, but the other ones as well. I encourage my students to come 1-3 times per week to class, more if they want, but definitely have a daily home practice (i give everyone a 5 minute sequence as a starting point).

                But that's just my philosophy and values.


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                  Yay Zoebird...I've been away from MDA for a while but its so good to *see* you here. Thinking of doing a late night yoga practice myself, right now! Ya'll have inspired me. <3
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                    Nice to see you back again FairyRae. everyone needed a little holiday for a bit. Paleobird is back around too.


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                      Rawrrrr. I don't want to wait till Wednesday to start this. But I just don't have time until then. I'm doing yoga at home, but the more I read Bikram's book, the more I go "this sounds phenomenal!!" I'm willing to bet you all that all my back pain will go away if I do this for ten days straight... Keeping it gone will be the challenge...


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                        Hey count me in! I've been thinking about checking out this 7-day promo deal at the yoga academy near my place so perfect timing I'll 'make up' the other 3 days by practising at home. Are you starting Wednesday?

                        Yoga memberships are expensiveeee... I'll splash out on one the moment I graduate and get a job (hopefully by Aug!). Currently I practice twice a week at the gym, it's a vinyasa flow type class.


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                          I was on my walk this morning thinking I need to add something new but no all I have is Bethenny Frankel Skinnygirl yoga and no not gonna do that for 10 days.


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                            Library? Mine has quite a few yoga DVDs. You could check one of those out. Or try to make your own practice if you have any previous experience.

                            Yes. Definitely Wednesday. I want to start tomorrow, but I'd have to take the 8pm class and then I'd get to bed around 1030 and I have to be up at 530 the next day, so I'm thinking I shouldn't. But I really want to! I want to try this for ten days so bad. And I want to try it now!


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                              I've done yoga on a daily basis for about a six week interval on a couple of occassions. What I notice is that the breathing exercises and core strength work along with some meditation provided the most benefit IMO. I liked the forward, backward, and twist motions, but feel like the exteded times of holding more "passive stretch poses" were tedious and not much return on time invested. I would shorten some particular poses and extend others. Either way I liked it and still use some of it on more rare occasion these days.