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CrossFit on a Low-Carb Primal or Paleo Diet

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    I am also a naturally big guy and i also do crossfit. I still keep carbs low, today was "0" . I still feel fine i just have to remember to eat. I only train 2-3 days so i get plenty of rest. I keep my cal intake to about 1200 a day except when i workout them out goes up to 2000++. I make sure i get plenty of fat , %50 for energy since my carb intake is low.

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      Originally posted by mark2741 View Post
      Thanks iniquity. I will look for that podcast.

      In the meantime - I'd better start adding more carbs to my diet just in case. I'd rather put on a few extra pounds that walk around in a haze and not be able to put 100% effort into my CrossFit sessions. Thinking about this topic makes sense that carbs would be necessary. My limited (mainly due to lack of interest) understanding in the science is that the body uses carbs for intense movement, particulary for short 'fight or flight' periods, but fat is utilized best when doing low-intensity movement. If this is in fact the case, then to be on the safe side I'm going to add more carbs into my day to day, particular the day before/of CrossFit sessions, and see how it goes.
      Carbs generally don't "bulk" you if you work out hard. If you are really concerned look into something like Rennaisance and follow that (you eat carbs related to our workout levels and they have it down to a science and you just plug in foods and can still eat paleo approved foods). You might gain some weight, but it's water and tends to go away quickly. That plan is a template and tells you "eat X carbs, Y fat and Z protein at this time....". I followed it for about 2.5 months and lost 13 lbs and felt amazing. I did lose 5lbs off my squat pr and 10 off my deadlift, but set a new bench pr by 10 lbs (and was not focusing on strength). So I assume most of my loss was fat.

      Anyhow, I feel like they know their stuff and its a good compliment to paleo or primal eating if you want to be athletic. I felt AMAZING following their plan, and am starting back Sunday.

      I have seen men be fine doing low carb and crossfit though.
      Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!