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New lab numbers.

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  • New lab numbers.

    Been a year Primal and I am very happy with these numbers!

    Total Chol -263
    Triglyceride - 45
    HDL Direct - 94
    CRPH - 1.3 (I also got sick the next day, so this number is probably artificially elevated)
    LDL Direct - 138
    LDL Calculated - 160 (Big difference between calculated and direct!)

    I eat three tablespoons of tallow daily, often drink a half-can of coconut milk daily, eat about an avocado a day, tons of beef heart, fish and other meats - up to a pound a day of the meat. Eggs, green apples, green tea, black coffee, carrots, sweet potatoes, canned fish and oysters, actual coconuts, many spices including turmeric and black pepper, sea salt, fennel, parsley, herbs like dandelion and mint, etc. Spend much of every day walking, work out three times a week including sprinting.
    Crohn's, doing SCD

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    Looks good. Keep it up!. Hey, did you read a book on foraging or just figure it out?


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      I've been foraging for the same 10 plants because books are useless. Apparently the term "No poisonous look-alikes" is applied to everything with a deadly look-alike, and there's nobody to teach me the difference. You'll be on page ten, and it's all "Wild lettuce is amazing because the whole plant is edible and there are no poisonous look-alikes." And then, you turn the page and there's a picture of the exact same plant and it's all "Never even touch this plant, looking at it can kill polar bears." Useless.
      Crohn's, doing SCD