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Adapting P90X to Primal Fitness

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  • Adapting P90X to Primal Fitness

    Hello. So, I've been some weeks without doing any exercise at all. Not only I am more kind of chubby now, but I was feeling (emotionally) also worse. So, after reading Body by Science and Primal Fitness I've decided to go with Mark's approach, since it seems doing some sport daily gives me strength, not only physically, but also emotionally. I feel more active. I have previously done P90X, though I never finished it (not any of the three times I started it), since I'm studying and it simply requires a huge time commitment. So what I need is something more light, that doesn't requires as much time, and helps me get in shape. I like P90X, because I can do it on my home, when I get up, while I watch the exercises on the Screen, which is a huge help. It also never changes (it rotates), so you don't have to be all the time figuring out how to do a new exercise. So, that's why I want to addapt P90X to Mark's guidelines.

    My plan is to cut into half all muscular workouts (only do half of the P90X sessions) but do the exercises until positive failure; and not doing abs at all (AB Ripper X). I also got rid of Yoga and Plyometrics, and used Kempo and Cardio X for "play" days. The plan would be to do 3 WOWs a week, 2 Play days (Kempo and Cardio X), 1 rest and 1 Sprint, while separating as much as possible the Legs workout with the Sprint (which I will do running), and the two Back workouts.

    The plan would be to rotate as follows:

    WEEK 1:
    Day 1 - Half of Chest & Back
    Day 2 - Rest OR X-Strecht
    Day 3 - Sprint
    Day 4 - Kempo X
    Day 5 - Half of Legs & Back
    Day 6 - Cardio X
    Day 7 - Half of Shoulder & Arms

    WEEK 2:
    Day 1 - Half of Back & Biceps
    Day 2 - Rest OR X-Strecht
    Day 3 - Sprint
    Day 4 - Kempo X
    Day 5 - Half of Legs & Back
    Day 6 - Cardio X
    Day 7 - Half of Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

    Some doubts I'm having:
    Should I eliminate X-Strecht and just rest?
    Should I use Plyometrics (really intense) instead of Kempo or Cardio X?
    Should I just do 2 Kempo days (and not Cardio X) as "playing", since is lighter?
    Should I do Yoga? If so, which day, instead of what? Why?
    Should I do AB Ripper X, or work the abs, at least, once a week?
    Would you change something (maybe the order of the workouts)? Why?

    About the diet, I currently follow a LC-ish paleo diet (between 30-100g carbs daily; it really depends). How many grams of carbs do you think I should ingest daily in order to mantain good mood/health?

    Thanks for your help, guys!

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    if you insist on using p90x dvds because they are helpful (nothing wrong with that at all), then you should consider a few things. i would include plyo (the best workout in the entire set) and yoga (for strength and flexibility). it's far better than the stretch dvd. chest and back isn't a bad workout either, and shoulders and arms is ok (you need to hit the shoulders). you really don't need to be working out 6-7 days per week though. but you can always use your rest days to go for a walk or hike, play some golf, shoot some hoops. if i wanted to do something like you were thinking, i'd do the full workouts, and i'd do something like this:

    week 1:
    t-chest and back
    f-shoulders and arms


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      I would actually recommend skipping the whole stretch and warmup sections at the beginning of the dvd's. I do P90 and just do a Grok Hang and Grok Squat beforehand. I'd say it cuts about every workout to like 45 Minutes. Just try it.