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Fitness on the Iphone (or Android)

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  • Fitness on the Iphone (or Android)

    Hey, anyone has some good Fitness Apps?
    I use my phone anyway as a music player, so maybe there are some other apps i could use

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    First, I'm a walker, not a runner. And I use my walking time to sort out a lot of things in my head, so I don't need the music. BUT ... I'm training for an ultra (50K) in Nov, and it does have an 8 hour cutoff, so I have to be able to maintain a certain pace. I like RunKeeper (I have Android, but it's also available for iPhone). I think it's better (for my purposes) than MapMyRun, which is also out there.

    For Tabatas, I use "A HIIT Interval Timer" (I know - the name is redundant) - it's very flexible and has a tabata sequence already programmed.

    Finally, for pacing/turnover practice, I have Mobile Metronome.

    All free apps.


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      Second the HITT Interval Timer
      I Kettlebell therefore I am.

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        Run Keeper is one of my favorite iPhone apps. I usually use it when I go for walks. It uses GPS to track distance. It's free too.


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          StrongLifts 5x5 tracker.


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            "My tracks" for mapping runs, walks and bike rides - updates with google docs which allows me to keep track on spreadsheet as well
            "You are your own gym" ~$2 for body weight exercise, training programs, timers and work out history
            "fat secert "calorie counter for food, and fitness log. (Free)

            "Times fun when you are having Flies" Kermit the frog


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              I use fat secret its very Good