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  • Pull-up alternative??

    My wife and I have been primal for about a month now and are having fantastic results. I was doing a long cycling trip but knees started acting up. But on the trip I was unable to find pull-up bars at any camp site. Is there a body weight alternative to the pull-up? I was doing the pushups and planks, my cycling was taking care of the squat and sprint. I ride a recumbent trike so it can be like using a gym leg press machine if I want it to.

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    Can you find a playground? Usually the jungle gyms have something that works for pull ups. I go to the park near my house some times and do australian pull ups on the bars (I can't do regular pull ups yet).

    There is a guy who posts here and has a website- Al Kavadlo... check out his stuff- he does pull ups anywhere and everywhere imaginable. :-)

    Al Kavadlo – We're Working Out! Calisthenics and Body Awareness
    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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      Are there benches at the campsites? if yes, then do Australian pullups. Or find a tree branch:-)
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        You could always just find something heavy, even a backpack etc, and do one arm bent over rows.
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          Ah good ideas. I did check the playgrounds but all the equipment was too short
          i'll investigate the Australia Pullup. Trees, I looked and sounded like a nice idea but finding a limb that was the right diameter, clear of smaller limbs, and perceived to be strong enough just took too long.
          Bent Rows, good idea, my mind was too much in cycling mode, didn't even think about those!!
          Thanks all


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            Perhaps you could take a towel and throw it over a limb or similar?

            I'll be back


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              Find a sturdy door in your house. Put a towel along the top of it. Then grab the top of the door, tuck up your feet, and pull. I will put door wedges on both sides of the door for stabilization. One accidental crushed finger was enough to go to that precaution.


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                Thanks again for these great ideas. When camping I see that towel trick being the ticket!! I'm sure I can find a large enough branch/structure that I can wrap a towel around but the hand would not grip. We're off on a month trip in about a month so I'll get the chance to test that theory in the wild


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                  They are a bit expensive, but you might consider a suspension trainer like TRX. I have one and I like it, but I got a deal on it. There are cheaper versions out there though and I've even seen some instructions on how to make your own on the net. The good thing about them is that the are highly portable and pack-able and you can do much more than just pull ups. It can be a good workout system alternative, but I don't like it enough to make it my sole workout system. It is great for travel though and for throwing in unique exercises at home to really hit your core very hard. A lot of mobile infantry soldiers like them over in the sandbox because you can hang them from just about anything sturdy for a workout; tanks, trucks, trees, etc.