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When/Why did Mark change the PBF Essentials?

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  • When/Why did Mark change the PBF Essentials?

    Hi All,

    I noticed when re-downloading the PBF recently that The Five Essential Movements are now down to Four. The overhead presses got edited out.

    Anybody have any idea when or why that happened?

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    Interesting. I would only assume because it is an arm and chest workout, which is essentially accomplished though pushups and/or the pullups. Making it unnecessary?


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      Or it's bad for the shoulders. Don't know.
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        They took them out because the inverted stuff is sometimes troublesome for beginners and to simplify further.


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          It's easier (less of a pain; easier to gauge progress) just to do overhead presses with a barbell, and let's face it, more "functional" (similar to lifting real stuff) than standing on your head. I'd like to see a hybrid bw / barbells program that was smartly designed.
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            I don't think it would be hard to do a hybrid bw/barbell program at all:

            Day A

            Squat (BB)

            Day B
            Deadlift (BB)
            Overhead press (BB)

            Day C
            Squat (BB)
            Bent-over rows (BB)

            It's basically a version of Starting Strength, but it makes sense if you are an intermediate+ lifter that squatting will be the first place that extra weight would help you.
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              It does feel kind of goofy and awkward to be in that jackknife position. I also can see the idea that someone just getting started on fitness, perhaps with other health problems, could get dizzy and hurt themselves.

              Having had so many surgeries around the ribs and under my right arm, the OHP and pull ups are really hard for me. There are layers of scar tissue that don't want to stretch. Still working on it.

              I think I'll keep all five essentials. The OHP is challenging so it must be doing me some good.