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"Bare foot" shoe info please.

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  • "Bare foot" shoe info please.

    I'm debating on a pair of the bare foot shoes, have dug thru post but have'nt found anything about which brand mite carry wide sizes, I have Fred Flintstone feet & its hard to find any shoe to fit.

    Also...some I have looked at are in metric sizes, what would a size 9 1/2 or 10 be converted into metric size ??

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try Leming
    Leming™ Footwear - Barefoot & Ultra-Minimalist Lifestyle Shoes

    If not wide enough try SoftStar
    Home Page | Soft Star Shoes

    Mens 9.5-10 would 42-43


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      Go try on some vibrams, they are great and seem to encourage foot wideness. My feet were widish before and are wider now after 6 months of mostly exclusive vibram wear. My regular shoes continue to get more uncomfortable to the point where I don't wear them anymore.
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        I have Vibram's and I am flat footed, so I have very wide feet too. Give em a shot. I would also go try them on at a store if you could. You want to make sure that you order the size that is most comfortable. (If there is a store nearby).


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          Originally posted by Hunter-Gatherer View Post
          I'm debating on a pair of the bare foot shoes, have dug thru post but have'nt found anything about which brand mite carry wide sizes, I have Fred Flintstone feet & its hard to find any shoe to fit.
          You don't say whether you want wide toes or wide ankles. I have wide toes and narrow ankles, and have found the VivoBarefoot Neo to be the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. But then, I can't afford Vibrams.


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            I echo everyone else, go try some one somewhere. If you have a REI anywhere near you, that would be a great place to go.... I have pretty wide feet and the Fivefingers work great for me...
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              I live in the sticks and had no place to shop, so I measured my feet (and received shoes too large). I had to return them, but then I knew my proper size. Found out that I'm a woman and had ordered men's shoes! LOL It doesn't matter -- the sizes for men and women are the same, but the colors/styles are different.

              Everything you want to know is at the website and they sell every style.
              Width of most shoes is adjusted with a velcro strap, so you should be able to find some that are a comfortable fit.

              Good luck!
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                Thanks to everyone for the input & links.

                Toes & ankles...I guess ther on the bigger size, width is one thing but my feet are thick also, I still have one of my baby shoes that my mother had bronzed & its split down the middle so it would fit, HA !!!

                Thers a outdoor store not to far from me that carries a couple brands of the toe shoes & sevral shops within a 100 mile radius, be worth the drive just "test drive" a couple different pair.


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                  Hey. I've never actually met anyone with feed as wide as mine (and I used to work fitting shoes so I had a fairly big sample) and they are also quite ... deep? they don't feel thick but they're big in an up-and-down dimension, so welcome to the club. Vibram LS (lace-up) models work great for me and Merrell Trail/Pace Glove lines have been mad in wide sizes too. Let us know hot it goes.


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                    I went with vibrams. the pair I went with are awesome. You definately should go try them on though, because the ones that i originally wanted that i saw online were not for me trying them on in the store. Goodluck!!!


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                      I can't wear VFFs (webbed toes) but really like these ZEMgear @

                      also a huge fan of these (on my 4th pair) Wushu Shoes (Feiyue Brand): Shoes Note though that I only use these for casual walking, they wear out FAST if you run, or worse, sprint on them. The cool thing is that, since the sole wears out they "become" more minimalist over time. All shoes wear out, but you will notice it a lot more with these. They're very cheap though. Only get the ones sold for under $20, should only be available in black or white. Like I said before, I've bought 4 pairs of these. Three black and one white. I wear the black ones a lot more often, the first pair I wore out really fast because I used them for everything including sprinting, the second pair I only walked with and they got a hole in the bottom about 7 months in. I didn't throw those out because it doesn't bother me if it's a dry day, but I can't wear them if it's raining, as water will seep in from the bottom. The third black pair I just got and no issues thus far. The white pair that I wear less often is still holding up pretty well, those get worn about 2x/week (the black ones basically any other time as I have no other sneakers I care to wear).

                      I splurged just a few days ago and got my first pair of Vivo Barefoots, went with the Dylan's because I think they look awesome VIVOBAREFOOT | The original barefoot shoe | Barefoot Running | Barefoot Shoes | Dylan Mens | Dylan M Organic Canvas Navy (in red) I have only worn them once but you do get a lot of ground feel. Compared to the Feiyues I'd say they're about the same for ground feel as "broken in" Feiyues, but the Vivos look like they'll outlast the Feiyues. I intend to wear these less often though, it's hard to match red sneakers, while black goes with just about everything, that's why the black Feiyues get so much love from me.

                      Also, don't forget about plain old swim shoes or flats, shouldn't cost anything about $8. I wear those to sprint.
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                        Altra Instincts. Altra Running | Altra Zero Drop Footwear | Altra Zero Drop Footwear


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                          Love me some food for thought, I was window shopping the lace up FFV last night, it stated they were better suited for wide feet so ther ear marked for a test drive at first chance.

                          Had a couple pair of merrell hike'n boots a few years back, one pair I loved the other not so much, but both had ample room inside, they boasted " the bigger toe box made room for piggies." & they did have plenty of wiggle room (which I loved), will definately check out ther new offerings.