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Plank progress going backwards? Normal for my situation?

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  • Plank progress going backwards? Normal for my situation?

    I am wondering if there is anyone who does other bodyweight and/or kettlebell exercises who could share about their plank.

    The first week I was able to do 90 and 60 second planks. Moving forward to this week, I am finding 30 seconds very difficult, although I have been trying to do at least one plank every day this week. Is this normal? Maybe my form for the plank just improved making it feel harder now?

    I am also wondering at what rate would you expect to progress on a paleo/keto diet?

    My recent workouts including plank durations are all logged on fitocracy,
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    Maybe you're not eating enough and are just tired/don't have the energy. If you're not replacing muscle glycogen with some form of carbohydrate, this can affect performance.

    Another thing, stop doing planks everyday. There is really no reason to and this can also stall any type of progress.
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      i'm basically going to say the same shit fernaldo said - do not do planks every day, and don't directly train abs every day. my 'ab training' consists of doing a plank once every two weeks. otherwise, pull-ups, squats and shoulder press work your abs really, really wll.

      your progress will start to suck sooner or later on a ketogenic diet. sounds like it's sooner for you.
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        You are over taxing your recovery ability. I do direct ab work a couple times a year and my abs are strong and rock hard. A good weight training program which is built around compound movements will work the abs more than sufficiently. The fitness industry has made untold millions selling the idea that one needs to do lots of ab training. Its nonsense! At most most ripped condition I had great abs and I did a set of crunches to failure about once every month or less.

        If you want to get good at planks, then do them once or twice a week at most. Simply go into the plank position and hold it as long as you possibly can. That's it! You will improve over time.