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Did my first PULL UP(s) loving it!

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  • Did my first PULL UP(s) loving it!

    For weeks I'd been having a staring contest with the bar at the gym- I was looking at it imagining attempting a pull up and failing!

    I'd been able to do 16 chin ups(10 and then 6 Poor form one in second set) a couple of weeks before but Hadn't dare attempt a pull up, or even get on the bar again since.

    The thought of failing was a real mental barrier,

    however yesterday with the gym fairly quiet i decided to just jump on it and hang on it and see if I could do anything,

    anyway I decided to try and pull myself up- to my surprise and low and behold I was moving up towards the bar!

    I managed to do two sets of 4!

    I cant wait to get in the gym today and attempt some more,

    I'm gonna try and do at least 3-4 everytime i'm in the gym until they become standard.

    This is how i started with 10 press ups, and also dips when I added them to my rountine, and now I enjoy doing 80 PU and 55 Dips everyday,

    The thought of doing 20+ pull ups everyday is a real goal of mine,

    I have lost a lot of weight 102kg (224lbs) to 80kgs (176lbs) during my journey - but never really had specific goals until deciding that conquering pulls ups is one of my main GOals.

    I love watching guys like al Kavidio and the bar starzz guys and hopefully a year or so down the line I can do a fraction ofwhat they do!

    Its just a start getting on the bar for the first time- but i fully intend to get on there everyday now!

    sorry for the self indulgent post however I train alone and none of my family would be that interested- so Just felt I needed to share!!

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    Big high five.....
    I Kettlebell therefore I am.

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      Great job! I'm having my own staring contest with the bar, maybe it's time I jump on it and see what happens.
      You celebrate with bacon and butter!
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        WTG!! I haven't attempted it yet. I can't imagine that my muscles could support my heavy weight. I guess I never know until I try it right. Thanks for the motivation to give it a shot.


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          Being able to do a pull-up is one of my summer goals as well! GREAT job....see you never know what you can accomplish until you try! Very inspiring


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            If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.


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              Good job!


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                Not only did you not fail- you did 2 sets of 4! Sounds like you kicked the pull up bars ass!

                Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                  I'm confused, you could do 16 chins but didn't want to try a pull up?
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                    Wow thank you for the kind posts-

                    managaed another two sets of four today-!! woop woop!

                    yes fernaldo as silly as it sounds i stare at the bar alot thinking what if!!

                    I attempted chin ups and was fairly succesful but still hadnt attepted a pull up which i believed and now know is the harder movemnet

                    also agfter that first instance of chin ups i still hadnt returned to the bar!!

                    it is all mental with me!!

                    hopefully overcoming that now
                    To "pay the piper" means to face the inevitable consequences of one's actions


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                      YAY! Go you! I've been building up to a dead hang pullup for what seems like years. I'm SO close, but progress is slow. I can't wait to finally achieve it.


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                        Congrats! Glad to hear I inspired you!

                        I think you will build to double digits pretty quickly since you could already do so many underhand ones.

                        By the way, nice "Rowdy" Roddy Piper avatar.
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                          Congratulations! I did my first one a few weeks ago. It's a great feeling.