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Exertion Migraines

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  • Exertion Migraines

    I am afraid to sprint because of the effects of exertion migraines. Does anyone know what is going on? I first got one doing sprints at the end of basketball practice when I was young, fit, strong and light. In college it happened every time after the sprint portion of our soccer running practice. Oddly, Iíve noticed that if I have something in my hands when I run, it doesnít happen. Doing 70 yard dead sprints while reffing soccer with a whistle in my hand and my mind on the play and not the running, never had one. Can someone help? I would love to do some sprinting.
    I also have the same thing when I am on my chest on a hard surface like when the playing with the kids and they walk on my back. Or, if I am upside down in a tight position and my breathing is constricted like trying to get at the wires under a steering wheel.