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Repairing a pair of Vibram Five Fingers

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  • Repairing a pair of Vibram Five Fingers

    I bought my pair of KSO's february 29th and have been using them daily since. These are my shoes-except when I'm in the mood for walking barefoot which has become pretty frequent lately. As much as I love them, I was kindof expecting more for a 100 dollar pair of shoes, but in any case, my left big toe slot is seperating itself from the seam, it started about a week ago but lately it's gotten pretty bad. Is there a way of fixing this myself, or should I just invest in another pair. If I do, what's a rugged pair(Emphasis on the rugged. No shoe I've ever owned has made it past the 2 month period without becoming damaged in some way.)

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    I bought a pair of KSO's around the same time. Yesterday I noticed that the velcro strap is separating from the strap that goes around the heel. I'm going to try a staple. Sorry it doesn't help you though. Maybe we got a bad batch.
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      It should be glue-able at the seam.

      My classics lasted a year of daily wear before wearing out.


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        I tried "Shoe Goo" at the suggestion of another forum, I honestly have no idea how well it's going to work or if I even used enough(I wasn't exactly applying it liberally.) if it fixes it, I'll be happy. if not, well, dunno what I'll do. I had to use normal shoes today, my feet(oddly enough) hurt after very little use, they're annoyingly uncomfortable. I miss my freedom XD.