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  • The last few BF%

    I started some months ago doing P90X and Insanity, doubling up everyday to blast off the fat. I quickly burnt out after about two weeks, and thats when I came across Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson (thankfully) and was able to refeed on a new, healthy lifestyle instead of my old one. I've kept up Paleo/PB ever since, have dropped weight, gained strength, and found a whole new balance of both fitness and wellness (the latter of which I didn't experience doubling up P90X and Insanity, albeit feeling incredibly fit).

    But for the past couple of months, my body has been stagnant at a certain BF%. I just can't seem to take it off and hover in the 7% area like I'm hoping for. I've read over Leangains, but I've come away feeling that it's not comprehensive (i.e. how do I eat on rest days, protein/fat/carb intake, when are carb refeeds that he touches on, etc.) Maybe I'm missing something. I don't know. Anybody fully understand and has gotten success on trying the Leangains method?

    My question to everyone is can anyone direct me to something that will help me get the last few % off? Or tell me how I can augment the PB to get to where I want to go? Perhaps I'm just doing something wrong?

    Thank you!

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    I use the leangains approach with two meals per day and I've found what works for me as far as a primal diet goes. To get and maintain a long term single fat body percentage you need to learn to get enough protein, don't over do your fat intake, and tailor your carbohydrate intake to suit your activity level.


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      Daemonized, do you use a leangains workout protocol, too?


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        Have you read Lyle McDonald's "Stubborn Fat Solution"?