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Creatine and Water/Fat Retention

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  • Creatine and Water/Fat Retention

    I do heavy lifting as part of Crossfit and take a pre-workout energy drink with Creatine Nitrate (2000mg) and Magnesium Creatine Chelate (3000mg) as well as a post workout grass fed whey protein drink that has 2.7 grams of creatine. My strength is certainly increasing exponentially but so is my weight. I feel like maybe I am holding a lot of water format he creatine and feel like i am gaining fat possibility from the creatine. is this possible? Should I cut out creatine (I just take it because these two highly recommended supplements contain them, not necessarily looking to get bigger from creatine, especially if it causes fat gain and water retention).... Any advice is appreciated.

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    From what I've heard creatine only causes water retention in your muscles, not all over. But nearly 8 grams is a fairly high maintenance dose. I've heard (I think from Robb Wolf) that 3-5g/d is all that you need. It certainly isn't causing you to gain fat. More likely it's from increased overall calorie intake, which would also explain the exponential strength gains!

    Also, I'm not familiar with the types of creatine you mention. Most stuff I see is creatine monohydrate.