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Does this workout schedule sound okay?

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  • Does this workout schedule sound okay?

    I am about 8 or 9 lbs from my goal weight, but actually am trying to focus more on getting to a 20-22% BF. I am currently 5'2" 137 lb, 28% BF. (female) I started heavy lifting this week and my goal is to lean down. I am short and stalky and walk a fine line between looking fit and like a brick. LOL

    I have been walking 2 X a week for about an hour, hiking a moderately strenuous trail once a week (about 4 miles round trip takes me about an hour). Then lifting 3X a week ala stronglifts. At the end of the month a Paleo/ metcon class is starting at my gym and I may swap out the walking for that instead.

    Should I be altering my eating any or just sticking with what I have been doing? I come in around 1500 calories 50%fat/35 %protein/ 15% carbs most days.