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Squatting and Flexibility

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  • Squatting and Flexibility

    Hey guys,

    So lately I've convinced my roommate to start lifting weights with me. He's really digging the bench press and the deadlift, and finally managed a pull up the other day. So far it's going fine except for one little hangup: he can't squat too well. He can't get his knees out far enough so he can't get below parallel. I tried getting him into position using the wall to support his weight, and he still can't do it. To me, that says it's a flexibility thing. As someone who never had problems learning how to squat properly, I don't have the experience or knowledge to help him out. Does anyone have tips/resources/anything I can use to help the poor guy?

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    Lurn to squat good – E-ZY! ::

    He might need to work on the railing squat and squatting with a box/ball to stop at before he can get full depth. Sounds like he's going to need to work the ROM on air squats for a while before you can get him going with any kind of weight.

    Has he said where he feels the movement is impeded?
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      Box squats are made for people like this. I'm working on increasing the ROM of my squat. I can get my ass about 2 inches from the ground (with about 130% bodyweight) with my toes wide, but not nearly as low with my feet within 10 degrees of parallel (but with 150% bodyweight). I think my hips could express/open better, but I think my lack of shoulder flexibility is a bigger impediment. I think my small jaw might even be a contributor...

      Almost everyone can improve their mobility/range of motion with regard to squats. Bottom line is just get him squatting!
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        Keep him squatiing, keep him stretching. The good news in he is deadlifting and not ignoring one of the big lifts.
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          Yes, I know the feel.

          I'm actually working on my hip mobility. Wider stance on squat while pushing my knees outward with my elbows. Also tight hamstrings contribute to this. For hamstrings try fingers to toes while standing up. Since these are stretches I believe to them as much as possible is the best way (At least 5 times a week)