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Where does surfing/boarding fit into the PB???

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  • Where does surfing/boarding fit into the PB???

    How does surfing fit into the Primal Blueprint??

    I have a problem. I caught the surfing "bug". On average, get into the ocean 3-4x per week for roughly 2-3 (tops 4) hours per session.

    **For those unfamiliar with surfing, its primarily focused on the upper body (back/shoulders), has components of sprints (not long though, maybe 1-5 second bursts), not sure if it would be considered cardio (would it?), and definitely falls under the category of play.**

    Would this count as "lifting something heavy" or "sprinting" or more along the lines of "chronic cardio"? Maybe low level aerobics by the duration?

    I'd like to maintain balance in workouts, but was wondering how exactly I should classify this activity.

    Thoughts please!! Thanks!

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      I think the pictures of Mark surfing should give you an indicator what he thinks about it.

      It sounds like you can file that under lift heaving things and moving fast once in a while not chronic cardio. Anyway it sounds like a healthy workout to me. I would supplement some more lifting if you need it and otherwise it sounds balanced to me.

      If the bug ever bites me though, I'm screwed. I live in Kansas, about as far from the ocean as you can ever get.


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        I want to try Stand Up Paddling. Never did that... inspired by Mark...


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          Grok didn't surf. Nah... I'm just kidding.

          My guess would be that it's more "lift heavy things" than "cardio," but I'd imagine it falls somewhere in between, with a heavy leaning towards LHT. I've never surfed before, but it seems to me that the bulk of the activity is getting up, then staying there, all under tremendous force.

          A good thing to do might be to wear a waterproof heart rate monitor (I have a Timex that seems to do okay wet, but I'm not sure about the impact of surfing). You'd probably want to see how elevated your heart rate gets, and for how long. Many HRMs can be checked after, so it's not like you're going to have to look at your wrist while surfing.

          If you're in pretty good shape, I think you'll find rapid heart rate elevations, followed by quick returns to normal. i.e. Sprinting.


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            I'm with Kuno...I'd file it under "play."


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              I'd say if you surf that much you don't need to do much else if it's that much of a workout! It seems like it combines lots of low level activity (because you're out and about, swimming, walking, carrying the board), and sudden burts of energy which would be like sprinting. So if you needed anything else maybe it would be lifting some heavier things a couple of times per week.

              And since you love it so much, it should definitely count as play also I'm jealous of your awesome, multi-faceted workout!

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                Daemonized & hannahc - I think you're right re: supplementing some lifts (weights/kettlebell), and that's what I was leaning towards. Heh, I actually did, for the first time in a month, squats/DL/leg ext/leg curl (as surfing doesn't hit lower body that much) this monday...still feelin' it. sigh!

                Guess I'll have to focus on being more rounded wrt my workouts.

                Also - interesting idea about the heart rate monitor, I've never used one, so I figured it would be that strap that goes around the chest....and picturing how absolutely weird it would look in the water. Didn't know they made watches that monitor HR.


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                  Some are just a watch, most are both. Not a necessity, I'd just be curious to see how your heart rate fluctuates, and how much of it is due to the thrill. I think surfing is probably pretty well rounded, but listen to your body.


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                    Following Up my 03-06-2010 post about trying SUPing. Well, I go 3-4 times a week on water, paddling, for about 1h or so, Its great workout especially against the wind. But I keep think it's at "Play"

                    I just love this activity. When I have an empty hour, I just drive to the harbor and paddle. Even during business hours. Just in trunks, you get your salty air, your sun (Vita D) and your piece of mind...

                    You guys should try!


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                      Another vote for play. Wish i could surf but the waves aren't big enough on Penobscot Bay. Enjoy your gift!
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                        I'd put it in the same place as skiing and snowboarding, neither of which I would ever give up!
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                          Honestly it depends on the waves, a small day with lots of sitting and waiting and its only play, chest hight or bigger with consistent sets and its cardio/sprinting/and LHT all in one. I surf whenever there are waves (Both SUP and Longboard surfing) and train on an SUP race board whenever its flat. I throw in a bit of mountain biking and checking the surf on my beach cruiser and I call that my workout. Enjoy the gift of the ocean and honestly- Would you rather look like Kelly or an emaciated tri athlete- stick to surfing and you will be fine.
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