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  • Leangains question

    So leangains says that on rest days the first meal should be the biggest, why?

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    I'm not totally sure why. My guess is to make sure that you get in plenty of protein so that you are less prone to snacking on crap throughout the rest of the day.


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      Prob what Yodiewan said, possible also that it's better for recovery? Could also be to keep your schedule (since on training days first meal is also the biggest, and you'd probably be having it at the same time) and form a habit. The dude really needs to come out with that book, probably super busy with clients, but he's going to be old news by the time he releases it if he even still plans to. I personally don't know if I'd still buy it, there's a lot of material out on the subject already so I doubt he's got anything exclusive anymore.
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        I don't recall ever reading this, can you post the link where you got this from?


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          Originally posted by StackingPlates View Post
          I don't recall ever reading this, can you post the link where you got this from?
          The Leangains Guide | Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health

          "On rest days, meal one should ideally be the largest meal"


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            Did you read the bullet point directly beneath it?

            "When working with clients I am always open to compromising on the above rule. If your preference is to eat a larger meal in the evening instead of noon, or whenever you break the fast, it's no great harm. Some people prefer to save the largest meal on rest days for dinner with their family instead of having a large lunch and that's fine by me if it makes them enjoy and adhere to their diet better..."

            This would tell me that it really doesn't matter, and is simply a case of personal preference. Perhaps Martin finds that the average person adheres to diet better by doing a large fast-breaking first meal? Who knows?


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              Personally I've found that if I break the fast with a huge meal I am less likely to scavenge for the rest of the day.
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