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    I'm sure it has been discussed multiple times... However I am really looking for good moves to do at the gym. Right now I'm "bottom" heavy. I carry most of my weight in my thighs and rear. I would love to tone this yesterday. I have been paleo (80/20) for about 2 months and have lost about 8lbs. I belong to the local Y and try to do cardio one day (Swimming, walking, biking) then lift the next. I am sure there are moves that would burn the fat or should I just go stict paleo??? Thoughts?? (please!!)

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    Are you doing chronic cardio or intervals? I'd switch to interval training if you're not doing that. To firm up, lift heavy... squats and lunges will work on your quads and but. Add in hang clean and dead lifts to balance out your hamstrings. Throw in some bench, push-ups and pull-ups to keep your upper body strong.
    Good luck!


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      Thanks! No chronic cardio.. I'm still sorting out all of the information. I typically spend 30 minutes doing something at a pace that keeps me in the 65% heart rate range. Then I sprint every once in a while. This is my first day on the forum and I have to say I'm quite confused! LOL I guess that is what google is for


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        Interval training will help burn fat off. Lifting will increase muscle size. See which muscle you need to increase in size to build a proportional figure and optimize your look. Just look in the mirror, and imagine 'if this part was bigger, I would look much smaller/balanced overall'. The trick of the frustrating nature of our bodies is that you cannot spot-reduce, but you can spot-increase. It works great for men, women have to get inventive.

        However, before you'd go into fine-tuning the muscule growth, you need to gain basic strength. I recommend Strong lifts 5x5 program for that (or Starting Strength). Once you can squat your body weight and press 60-75% of BW, you can start customizing program and adding isolation moves for specific body parts.

        I am pear shaped, very bottom heavy, so recently I started switching away from 3x a week for barbell training on a version of strong lifts, to 2x a week barbell + Support (parallel bars, 21 Set for bicep and triceps & push-ups and reverse curls), and 1 day a week - Kettlebells + Shoulder HIT. I am doing it to keep strength up, but emphasize:
        Back of the leg (hamstring) and butt as opposite to the front of the leg (quadracep) via lunges & ballistic exercises with KB
        Waist-line: twisting motions with KB to get into the obliques to tighten the ropes
        Shoulders: to increase deltoid, bicep and tricep size, so my shoulders and upper arms do not look emaciated/very thin

        You can go full 100% paleo, and I suggest paleo as opposite to primal at a certain point (in otehr words cutting fat back from 60-70% to 25-40%), if your weight loss stalls, because in general womenfolks will have trouble creating caloric deficit on a high fat diet since the amount of food is minuscule, and you do need a certain minimal volume of food to feel psychologically and physically satisfied, and you have to have your protein. If you meet your macros, and consume generally non-toxic foods, 80-20 should be just fine (i.e. your cheat is a bit of buckwheat or a square of chocolate, rather than a plate of macaroni and cheese or a chocolate cake made with indestructible icing!)

        Hope this helps!
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          Great thread! I was going to post one of my own, but you beat me to it and Leida posted great answers. I've been Primal-ish (not as serious the first few months) for 6 months and have lost 20 lbs, 20 to go. I am very bottom heavy as well--you wouldn't know that I weigh as much as I do in a picture from the waist up. It sounds like my husband and I are on the right track--we are also Y members and doing a couch to 5k style interval sprint/walk on the track 3x/week for 30 minutes, and then spending another 30 on weights. I have really crappy upper body strength (cannot do a pull-up, never have been able to) so we're focusing on the upper body right now. We also plan to throw in swimming on a 4th day. I also like Leida's advice on the ratios, I was not losing for a long time after the first 10 lbs. and decided to track my intake, and noticed that my pie chart was way off what had worked for me in the past (I have been mostly low-carb for years). I just can't handle as much of my calories coming from fat.