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Best way to tone up???

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  • Best way to tone up???

    Just after some help if you please follow primal go'ers.
    Im looking for the best possible way to tone up from my waiste upwards. I've been primal for a few week but been working out for the past 3/4 month and im really not toning at all. Im not looking to go big as I've already got a big build and i've already got strong and tones legs from alot of cycling and walking. So just some tips to tone up if you dont mind

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    You are already toned, unless you are paralyzed. If you are looking to increase muscle size & reduce fat content in the upper body, you may want to start with the simple compound exercise, bench press & overhead press with the barbell, starting with 5x5 of an empty bar, and loading 5 lbs every next session, 3 x a week till you stall out 3x. As a support, on the bench press day, add push-ups and chin-ups; and on the overhead press day add pull-ups and dip. Once you get your lifts to close to your body weight, or stall out, you can look at various isolation body building routines to tweak on the particular areas in your shoulder and arm.

    Uhm, is that what you are looking for? Or do you need core as well? If you need core as well, just go for SL 5x5 or Starting Strength, those are great simple program to start you on, and once you get things rolling... well, isolation is always there.

    An alternative will be failure sets (HIT). An example of a shoulder routine will be a triset @ 50-75% of 10 rep max of frontal raise, upright row and OHP with a barbell, to failure of the rise, then just row and OHP tp failure of the row, and finally just OHP to the failure of the OHP.

    You can also try drop sets, were you start with 4 reps on max, drop weight some 15% and go to failure (~ 8 reps, if you can do more, you dropped too much), drop again and go to failure (~ 10 reps), repeat with ~ 12 and ~ 16, rest a minute or two & finish with 30 on a really light weight.
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      lifting is good, but you probably want to add in some sprinting/HIIT and some walking or something similar. if you've already got a good build, you goal should be to lose the fat covering the muscles. Leida's recommendations are great for the lifting portion. also pick one day a week (not a lifting day) to do some high intensity cardio: sprint, burpees, jump rope, etc. for brief periods followed by rest. you can do sprints on foot, on a stationary bike, in the pool...whatever you're comfortable with (actual running sprints are the best IMO...8-10 100 yard dashes with 1-2 min. rests).
      and, for moving slowly, walking, light cycling, dancing, something that gets you active without working hard.

      most important, though, is food.
      just follow the primal laws and you'll be good.


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        Do Intermittent Fasting with your training. It helps with the muscle building and the fat loss, which is what it sounds like you're looking for.
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            Thanks guys, much appreciated. Will let you know how it goes.