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Less sore due to diet?

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  • Less sore due to diet?

    The past 2 weeks I've played double headers for indoor soccer. Immediately after playing I've been quite sore, stumbling home. But when I wake up in the morning I'm slightly stiff in my joints but no muscle soreness. I've been pretty horrible at lifting lately, so this and walks with my family after dinner are what I'm getting (plus chasing a 2 and 4yo all day). So I can't say I'm in better shape. Is it possible that the change in diet is why I'm no longer sore? I did notice the difference earlier this winter when doing crossfit workouts at home, but figured I wasn't lifting heavy enough.

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    the diet might have something to do with it, but i think the more likely explanation is that your body is just getting used to what you're doing. try any new exercise and you will be sore for a period at the beginning, then it just kind of fades away. your body is adapting.


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      I wondered the same thing. I sat on my butt all winter and when spring arrived, I started gardening/weeding, etc. I was taking a statin drug for high cholesterol. Well, I started PB and tossed the statin. Noticed that my joints didn't ache after getting out of bed on Monday morning after a weekend of hard gardening (like they hurt before).

      PB or the medication toss? Whatever, I'm grateful.


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        I'm convinced that the primal diet, high in unprocessed meat, cartilage and fat, will lead to less muscle ache/stiffness the next day, even after intense exercise. Seems logical that if you eat meat you'll have the building blocks for efficiently building your own meat!

        In my twenties I had a crap diet and sometimes did intense exercise and I would be like a whiplash victim the next day, barely able to move. Now at age 30 I've been doing some intense stuff again and I feel pretty good on my rest days.
        Start weight: 238 lbs (March 2012)
        Current weight: 205 lbs (July 2012)
        Loss so far: 33 lbs!!!
        WOE: Primal + IF
        Movements: Hiking, sprinting.
        Goal: to see my abs some time in 2013!


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          I still get sore sometimes but when I do something very different than my normal (like several sets of DEEP curtsy squats), I am still able to walk the next day, sprint up the stairs, stand up unassisted, etc...

          It's been refreshing.