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  • Bit of advice please

    OK so for the last 3 months ive been doing CrossFit on average 5 days a week, occasionally would be 4 or 6 though.
    Ive been scaling a few things due to battling a couple of injuries. My shoulder has been hurting since the open Burpee workout, (some here will know what this was), and my leg has had an issue too. I have a great physio, and he can't find anything obvious wrong with either, but when he treats me it sorts it for a bit, then I carry on working out as hard as I was and then I am in pain again. He wants me to get an ultrasound, and x-ray on my leg to see what is going on. It still hurts this week, from doing nothing at all. Shoulder less so.
    Some things came up, and I have taken this week off, but am thinking of taking a whole month off (along with doing a whole 30).
    What I want to know is how much will my strength/fitness suffer if I only walk? Or light jog depending on my leg.
    I was considering doing Starting Strength now though, but wonder if a full on rest will be better for me.
    I do love CrossFit, but do feel like its very hard on my body, being as heavy as I am, but I do worry about losing strength, but I guess thats not the worst thing.
    Any advice would be great, hope someone gets me LOL

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    There comes a point where Cross Fit (or enter any activity) can become chronic; and, over time, put undue stress on the body. However, this aside, it's important to let your muscles repair properly; and know when to take a break.

    To address your question, directly, I'm guessing there's a danger to not keeping your muscle fibers active, over a longer period of time. But, as I previously wrote, muscles will need time to repair themselves.

    While you're healing up, think of what little strength movements you can do, given your situation. I personally haven't done Cross Fit very frequently. But, having just completed one session - this past Saturday, after having not done any in months (forgot exactly how long ago was my last workout), I found I wasn't in the shape I used to be. On the flip side, I found I've recovered better (a nice post workout meal helps in this regard), than in the past. Granted, I've been doing more play (martial arts) than actual Cross Fit. I suppose, there was a little give/take, in the process.
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      If I didn't do any resistance training for a month I would lose a ton of strength. It does seem the amount you've done crossfit has worn out your body a little. I'm biased, but I think going back to SS now would be a good idea. That'll knock your workout days to 3 a week and you can start lighter than you should as a deload.
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        MM I think that might be a good plan. Unfortunately it means joining an actual gym, but hey, that is way cheaper than CF LOL.
        I might order the book first, rather than try and read everything off the website.
        I am worried about my leg, so will have to sort out x-ray/ultrasound this week.


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          Dr. Mercola Interviews Doug McGuff about High Intensity Exercise - YouTube
          Injuries - CrossFit Discussion Board


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            Here's what I would do (and "it figures" LOL):

            1. take your month off;

            2. talk to your physio about exercises that you can do to work on what s/he is 'sorting' (to help facilitate whatever it is that s/he is doing);

            3. do your walking;

            4. find a good yoga teacher and do that 2-3 times a week -- with attention on not doing whatever aggravates whatever you're doing.


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              Thanks Zoebird for your advice.
              Will see where I can do yoga around here. Will see my physio again next week.
              I am going to try for a short jog tonight, and see what my leg does. I just need to see where its at. It feels OK right now. But I have not done anything all week.