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I thought that barefoot transition stuff was total crap...

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  • I thought that barefoot transition stuff was total crap...

    Until now.

    I normally walk/exercise about 4-5/miles a day. Been reading up on barefoot and 100% bought into making the transition.

    Just got a pair of Merrell barefoots (which I adore) and the advice was to go slow. I decided taking the dogs on a walk qualifies... 1.75 miles later, pardon the pun, the puppies are barking.

    How long did the transition to barefoot take you?

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    2-3 weeks. Well worth it though.
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      I'm developing a callous on my big toe, so I'm going to try a pair of toe shoes. I work for myself and can wear toe shoes as long as I want. Now, just to find a pair that fits well.


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        Been taking it slowly. Months.
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          I run 3 days a week. My feet have been fine in my Merrell Pace Gloves - it's my CALVES that have needed to adjust! But I'm about 4 weeks in and doing much better. I also have Merrell Wonder Gloves (minimalist Mary Janes) that I wear to work as much as possible, and that helps too.

          One tip: Walk barefoot around your house and yard as much as possible. When you don't have to wear shoes or socks, don't. Now that the warmer weather is here (though you wouldn't know it from the past couple of days), I am unshod as much as often as possible. On Saturday I was kicking a kickball around our cul-de-sac with my youngest, and I was on the asphalt in bare feet. It actually felt good.

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            Jaradel - I walk around barefoot most of the time and pretty much live in flip flops now I work from home so I spend more time barefoot than not. The Merrells hurt the balls of my feet, not the calves yet. Maybe I just need to toughen up - give the pedicurist a real job working on the callouses.

            Chatty - not quite there with the toe shoes. My toes are very social, I don't think they would care for the separation.

            Knifegill - months sounds ominous - hopefully I am on TheFastCat's plan!


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              I have Vibram FiveFingers. I absolutely love them. I too, found that my calves needed to adjust when I run more than my feet. The downside is that they are banned from coming in the house. The smell is truly not of this world. They are washable however within 30 seconds of wearing them the smell is back.


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                Took me a couple of months for walking, but took almost a year before I could run any distance in them.


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                  I don't know about time-wise, since my excercising is sporatic- but when I'm in my VFFs, my feet are much happier on almost anything but pavement or that half-dollar-size gravel.
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                    I started barefoot walking a mile a day (skin on asphalt) about 4 months before I got my vibrams. After I got my V's, I added a mile of walking at a time, and start running in them 3 weeks later.
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                      Originally posted by JasonMacKenzie View Post
                      The downside is that they are banned from coming in the house. The smell is truly not of this world. They are washable however within 30 seconds of wearing them the smell is back.
                      AGREED! my OH has 3 pairs of Vibrams and I have the nose of a drugs dog, I can smell when they are in the house - they stink!

                      I wear Vivos, I did my usual 3 mile run in them when I first got them and the next day I could NOT walk down the stairs my calves were knackered!

                      I have been wearing them everyday for work as I have a 10 minute walk from the car to the office, however I walked into work from the Gym today (about 3 miles) and I plan to walk home (about 9 miles), when I do big distances I do find that they make my back ache. I know that this isn't the shoes fault, its because my IT band is tight from sitting at a desk all day and a lot of cycling/horse riding. So TBH the more walking I do in them the better.
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                        when we wash ours, no smell.

                        here is our washing regimen:

                        1. in a small tub/bucket of water, dissolve several denture cleaning tablets.

                        2. submerge vibrams into water and denture cleaning tablet mix. use a nice rock to hold them under the water.

                        3. after soaking for several minutes, drain the water out of the container.

                        4. pour in about a cup of vinegar, and then add water so that the shoes are submerged.

                        5. let the shoes soak in the vinegar-water overnight.

                        6. pull the shoes out of the vinegar-water the next day. pour out water and rinse your bucket.

                        7. line dry your shoes outdoors and in the sun (and in the wind if possible) as the sun continues to disinfect. during the drying time, the vinegar smell will disappear.


                        This works even when the vibrams are the worst possible "swamp feet" odor. Seriously, it rains a lot here, so swamp feet odor is pretty common. we wash the vibrams once a week, as soon as the first hint of swamp feet appears. Then, no odor.


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                          Funny, I walk to/from work in my Vibrams, switching to regular dress shoes and socks while in the office. In the morning, when I switch from Vibrams to dress shoes, there's no smell. However, in the afternoon, when I switch back to Vibrams, I detect a faint, limburger-like smell (from the dress shoes and socks).

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                            I have my first pair of Vibrams coming in today. Do the toe style socks help with the smell/sweat?