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    Hi everyone (I appologise for my English):

    I came across this site while looking for BW exercises. I am currently rehabilitating from a cuff/subacromial impingement: I have been building reps very slowly and carefully and, although my sholuder is not completely well, I reached 4x10 pullups (chins, really, elbows hurt with neutral/pronated grip) and 4x15 push ups with plenty of rest between sets (in fact, what I do is 4 SS of chin/pushups).

    I want things to get more spicy. ¿what program do you suggest? I am already aware of simplefit and the variant primaltoad proposed. ¿any more?

    thank you in advance.

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    You can try concoct conditioning,the pbf fitness, or look at Al Kalvido(sp?)web page
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      All of these are progressive systems which should allow you to strengthen and rehab the entire muscle group while building strength.

      For the Primal Blueprint fitness E-Book:
      (Mark Sisson) Primal Blueprint Fitness | Mark's Daily Apple

      For "The Definitive Guide to Pull-up Bar Calisthenics"
      Raising the Bar (Al Kavadlo): Al Kavadlo – We're Working Out! » Raising The Bar: The Definitive Guide to Pull-up Bar Calisthenics

      For Bodyweight work in general:
      Convict Condtioning (Paul Wade):
      Convict Condtioning 2(Paul Wade):
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        Thank you for your prompt replies.

        I've already read PBF and CC1 (I went quickly throug CC2).

        To be more specific, what I am in search for is a program that deviates from straight sets and mixes/revolves reps, exercices, volume and applies some sort of progression and periodization beyond adding a rep each workout.

        Just in case someone can benefit from this thread, I list what I found so far:

        Mark Lauren's "You are you own gym" Welcome to You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises by Mark Lauren
        Ross Enamait's "Never gymless" - Never Gymless
        Pavel Tsatsouline's "Naked warrior"