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Cross Country season and PB.

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  • Cross Country season and PB.

    Hey guys, I went primal last November and have not run much since then. I was thinking about doing Cross Country for my last year of HS (Did it sophomore and Junior year) and was wondering about what I should eat. If anyone knows of another Teenager who ran/runs XC and is primal and would let me know how they did it that would be great. I'm thinking that eating more overall is best, but also eating more Carbs for the faster pace of XC. If I have a big potato with breakfast and dinner would that be enough? Should I throw in some white rice in my salad at lunch to fuel me before hand? I know XC isn't really PB but I really want to compete my last year.

    Any info would be much appreciated, Thanks!

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    How is XC not PB....Its not more than like 5 miles at a time right? When I was in HS it was like 3 miles plus a bit maybe. Thats not in the chronic cardio camp IMO. I was not in XC, but if I were in your position I'd just stick to the list of PB approved foods to satiety as often as needed. I would consider the adage of training low and race training a bit fasted or LC then loading up on startch before the meet. I basically did this as a wrestler. Not on purpose, it was required to make weight. Feel like crap working out that way, so in the beginning of the season or when working on form I'd say fuel up for it. But as a big meet approaches you may consider it.


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      I say that's it's not PB because you run everyday for several miles with your HR up. That sounds like constant cardio to me, but I like you idea about working under bad conditions and then racing under the best. It might help get my time down. Thanks!


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        At that distance (3-5 miles) its fine to run with a high heart rate almost every day, how long does it take 30-45 minutes? Thats really not all that chronic, I think the issues come after about a hour. or on Facebook here

        My training journal if anyone is interested

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          Ok, so it may not be constant cardio, but does anyone have any other ideas about what I could to train back up and then train for the season?


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            Try posting this in the athletes thread too Gavin. Maybe you could get a bit more help there.


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              Ok, I didn't even see the Athlete section. Thanks!


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                Sweet potatoes are your friend.
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