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Sprints and Slow Paced Cardio on same day?

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  • Sprints and Slow Paced Cardio on same day?

    Hi All-

    Starting tomorrow and planning my workout schedule. Is it ok to do sprints and then slow paced cardio after on the same day or should sprints stand alone on their own day? Thanks!

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    The "Moving Slowly" should be pretty much every day, irrespective of workout days or rest days.


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      yes-- maybe same workout? interspersing sprints with slow jogs is pretty common for runners-- you could do say 30 minutes jog and incorporate 10 sprint "pick ups" into it. or do a jog and then finish your workout with some track sprints. i would definitely do the jog either mixed with or prior to the sprints. PM me if you've got more questions re. running workouts and i'll give you some ideas.
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        When I'm done my hill sprints I need about 5-10 minutes of laying on the ground. There is nothing left for anything else, nor would it be needed. That said, I may take a walk later that day if I had the energy to do so. So the answer is yes you can do that but you don't need to really. Also I must say that if you are able to walk or even run right after your sprints, you aren't going all out on the sprints. You should be totally gassed after them.


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          Originally posted by jfreaksho View Post
          The "Moving Slowly" should be pretty much every day, irrespective of workout days or rest days.
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            Yeah, the whole concept behind moving slow is just that. It won't impact recovery or overtax your systems which have already been exercised (or will need to be exercised after a long walk).