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  • Strange occurance

    So I've been doing Starting Strength for a while. But for the past month, I've found that it negatively impacts my martial arts.

    SS is progressing well, and I'm definitely getting much stronger. But when doing low stances (martial arts), I find my legs and feet cramping up. Prior to a month ago, I could do them all day, but now I get leg cramps.

    On Monday I was in class, and running through a form repeatedly. On the 5th or 6th attempt, my legs almost seized up from cramps, so I had to stop and walk it off.

    About 15 minutes later, however, we did some sparring, including about 45 minutes (on and off) of rolling, and I felt great (and strong). No physical problems.

    Also, I sprint once a week (as per Mark's recommendations) and never have any problems with cramping, or tiredness in the legs.

    It only seems to happen when i get down into low stances for a sustained period of time.

    Any ideas?

    P.S. On Monday (which I described) where I had the leg cramps which have been afflicting me for a month or so, I had deliberately taken 6 days off of SS to see if it was recovery. Apparently it wasn't.


    P.P.S. It isn't just forms, the cramps also have been coming during repetitive line drills (when you're moving up and down in stances practicing specific moves).

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    hi, i'm wondering if the cramps are due to diet or the strength workouts...

    you should supplement with magnesium and potassium, and definitely make sure you're eating enough carbs.


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      Yeah, I'm doing SS and don't have that problem.
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        Are you drinking enough water?
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          I drink plenty of water, I supplement magnesium (and have checked to make sure I'm eating enough potassium).

          I don't cramp when sprinting, walking, or sparring (whether striking or rolling).

          Only when I am down in low stances, and only for the past month.

          Weird, eh?