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    This is pretty awesome that it is working for you. I was going to reply to one of your earlier posts about snacking (No eating unless you will cook and eat an entire meal worked pretty well for me for a while), but this is encouraging as well. I've been trying to gain weight, and might start IF to cut the fat gain a bit.


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      I had a lot of trouble Thanksgiving through Christmas. I over ate a lot and put on some weight. I found myself obsessing over the scale too, so I stopped weighing myself, but my size 36 pants are too big, which is about where I was before Thanksgiving. I will be doing a waist measurement when I have my routine back in place. I'm working on getting a solid routine in place again and building in some way of handling things like Thanksgiving/Christmas. I still have a significant amount of belly fat, but I am fully confident that if I follow the process, it will be greatly reduced.

      The main change is adding a cheat day once a month and being more transparent with my wife around meal time. This has already helped in my overall adherence the eating plan:

      - Dinner at 5:00ish. Eating until hunger subsides. High fat, calorically dense/primal food. No more food until dinner the next day, except a cup of tea with cream before bed.

      Exceptions occur when I need to go to lunch for work or with family. I'm finding that it's not worth the stress of avoiding food in the evening and I'll usually just have something small if I'm hungry. These times are rare.

      With regard to exercise, I'm building my routine up layer by layer. I'm going very slowly, so I can be solid on each point.

      1. Sleep - Go to bed early enough to get 8 hours, even if i'm not sleepy.
      2. Walking - Walk the dog as my base level exercise when I'm not doing "lift heavy things" or sprinting
      3. Sprint - Sprint once a week
      4. Lift - Do strength training 2 days a week, minimum.
      5. Play - Take my son to the park and run wild once a week.

      Currently working on #2. I going to walk every day that I don't lift/sprint, which right now is every day. I'm not going to start sprinting or lifting until I get two weeks solid of faithfully walking every morning. That will give me a solid foundation.

      My sleep is going well. I go to bed between 8:30 and 9pm and get up between 5:15 and 5:30. I don't fall asleep right away so there's a little extra time.

      My new mantra is "Process success, not numerical success".


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        I'm doin' it. I'm going to try for the 12% also. I don't know how I'm going to manage to measure this achievement or my progress, but I'm in. I've subscribed to this thread and will be posting my progress as "The Tale of the Tape" when I measure. I will get a baseline for my waist tonight when I get home. You are not alone Redguy. We can do this together!
        Let's get out there and make this a great day!


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          Good to know, Elessar. Good luck to you/us!


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            Just found out that the local fitness center will sell a day pass for $8 and they will measure you for body fat using calipers. Someone else in our office is going to try them out and we'll see how well that works. This may be another method for accurately tracking progress. I also think my scale has a reading on it for BF but I've never paid any attention to it since I don't normally wear my glasses when I weigh-in. I'll check that when I get home.
            Let's get out there and make this a great day!


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              OK, I weighed this morning as a marker for progress in my pursuit of 12%. When I measured my waist, I pulled the tape measure tight enough to make it stay around me at my "thickest" point which is above my belt line. I used an electronic bathroom scale, and before anyone jumps in to say how unreliable that may be, it is what it is, and it is what I have available to me, so...

              Here are my beginning stats:

              Weight: 228.0
              Waist: 46"
              Body Fat: 31.3%

              My goal is to become a member of the 12% Club. I have adopted the PB completely. I have a journal online here under my name. I am tracking my carbs using an app on my phone called MyFitnessPal. I have been eating three meal a day and exercising lightly, every other day. I am not walking enough and blaming the cold weather. We have an eliptical but I have not been on it for two years. I love my bicycle and look forward to riding when the weather breaks.

              Let's do this!
              Let's get out there and make this a great day!