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    I like CrossFit for two workouts a week, and since I don't live near a CrossFit center, I try to find WODs on the websites and do them at my local gym.

    However, I find that CrossFit uses so many acronyms (or initialism, if you prefer)that it's difficult to understand sometimes. For example, one CrossFit website talks about doing kettlebell swings at 1.5 lbs/ 1 pood. I assume "pood" means "pound of" something, but I know not what. The same site talks about doing exercises AMRAP or "Add cals + KBS reps + DBSC reps for total score." Huh?

    I realize that every community has its jargon, and to belong to the community, one needs to know learn the lingo. But CrossFit has so many, and the website doesn't make it easy to know what they are (or even how the exercises should be done).

    I know this is a rant and likely is inappropriate for this forum, but I feel better now.

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    Yeah, I understand about the acronyms. Been going to an affiliate for 6 months or so and still don't remember all of them. Some of the common ones you asked about are:

    AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible

    KBS: Kettle Bell Swings

    DB: usually is Dumb Bell

    oh, and a pood is actually a Russian weight measurement (where kettle bells were popular) which Wikipedia says is about 16Kg or 36lbs.

    If you don't know what the workout means, I'd check out the forums on the Crossfit site (where people post their workout numbers), especially the beginner/modified forum. Often it's members ask. Or check out your favorite affiliate site, sometimes they follow the HQ workouts and will spell things out more clearly.


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      "Add cals + KBS reps + DBSC reps for total score."

      This is probably for a workout that included rowing. The rower counts your calories burned in the amount of time you were rowing, so for that part of the workout, calories are your "reps". The othre two exercises are kettlebell swings and dumbell squat cleans.

      Two other places to look besides the forum would be the FAQ (frequently asked questions) on the main site. I know they explain what a pood is there. Also, in the exercises and demos section of the main site you can get video tutorials on lots of the movements.