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    I find that I have better motivation to exercise when I am following along with a DVD (especially in the chill of winter). Also, its frustrating going to the packed gym at peak hours (tends to be crowded whenever I have time)

    I have quite a few that I rotate between but am looking for some suggestions to expand my collection. Does anyone one have a particular one they enjoy and would recommend?

    My favorites right now are:

    Jackie Warner (weights/cardio)

    Jeri Love (weights, high rep)

    Giam's Fitball workout (4lbs medicine ball)

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    I pretty much love everything I've gotten from I LOVE Tony Horton - he motivates me, what can I I have power 90 and p90x. I'm also going to be adding some one-off (shorter) dvd's from his 1-on-1 series.

    Another program from beachbody that I really like is ChaLEAN Extreme - a nice mix of weights and cardio w/a bit of yoga. Emphasis is on lifting heavy weights, rather than light w/lots of reps.

    Most of my other DVDs sit on the shelf and play second fiddle to those three programs, which I've started switching up the order I do them in depending on my energy level for that day and what I want/need to accomplish with that workout.

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      I forgot to mention the P90X, I agree he is very motivating!! That's where I first heard of Mark Sisson was his supplement segment on the videos. I got got an umbillical hernia trying my first pull up - obviously didsomething wrong there... LOL

      I have about 25-30 videos if you count the P90X series and utilize approx 1/2.. Tired of buying ones I don't like - Thanks for the suggestion


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        If I workout inside(living room) then I usually do the Pit Workout. Comes with 2 dvds that breaks workouts down into upperbody, lowerbody and fullbody. They are just down and dirty anerobic workouts, simple but effective.


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          Before I joined the gym, I used to do the Core Secrets program by Gunnar Peterson, which uses one of those giant blow-up balls and some dumbbells. Primarily strength training, although he did have one DVD called cardio bootcamp.

          They were good, solid workouts. I credit the wise selection of moves on these DVDs with preventing any injuries when I moved on to other things at the Y.


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