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120 minute "workout" on empty stomach

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  • 120 minute "workout" on empty stomach

    Hello everyone!

    This is my first post on MDA after being a regular reader for about 6 months. This subject have been discussed before, I searched some posts but found nothing that would easy my mind. Let me explain.

    I am 23 years old and currently studying and training to become a firefighter in Sweden. This means I have been doing a lot of cardio and resistance training over the last year, but after reading more and more about the primal life style, I've cut down on the cardio and spend that time walking or cooking instead. Anything that feels productive. To finance my studies, I am working 6 days a week early mornings, starting at 04:00 and ending at roughly 06:00 delivering magazines, newspapers and alike. This means I have to wake up at 03:30 to be able to get to my district in time.

    My question is what you guys think of doing this work for 120 minutes (ish, sometimes its a bit longer, sometimes a bit shorter) on an EMPTY stomach. Activity wise its just constant walking for 2 hours, and a lot of stairs. I do have a couple of pounds of unnecessary fat that I'd like to lose, but is the way I work counterproductive? As in, is it possible my body is not only using bodyfat as fuel, but also muscle tissue? Can I keep doing this (I don't feel the need to eat until I get home and after I've had my shower, so it's not like I am suffering and pushing myself through it).

    I realise this was a long post, but I have been concerned with this for quite some time now and would greatly appreciete input and advice

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    Hello Jörgen. Andreas from Sweden here.

    It doesnt, really, matter wether Your stomach is full/empty. What matter is how well Your body burn fat. How much carbs do You eat? If You are a fat burner Your body doesnt really "care" when You do Your foodintake. (For a non-fatburner it´s the bloodsugar that tells the person when it´s time to eat.) NOTE:we are individuals so some personal adaptation is offcourse considerable.

    I eat breakfast, and large dinner. I workout 3-5 times weekly (im a competitative cyclist). The training sessions lasts for 2hrs, in the afternoon. 8 hours after breakfast. Before and after the session I have 1Dl cream, and 1-2 eggs, mixed up in a plastic bottle with some cacao/cinnamon - for flavour.

    Here are some trix that should guarantee that You burn fat and not tissue:

    - Make sure You get a descent amount of animal protein. Daily.

    - Make som all out moves. ex lifting insanely heavy for, say, 3x10seconds with 3-5 minutes of rest between. Deadweight-lift/marklyft is the best, squats are good. And/or do all-out sprints (every third staircase for instance...etc)

    Theese kind of moves trigger testosterone production, and testosterone is a fatburner. They´re also good for recovery-practice, and, Your body recovers from them pretty fast. You can do theese kind of moves 3-6days a week, depending on Your fitness status (wich I guess is rather high). Dont overdo, though. No point in that. You want the hormones, not the burn out.

    If you have been a sugar burner for Your entire life it might take a while for Your body to adapt. 1-5 months...dependiong on fit-status/persona/DNA

    - Have some cream, egg, omega-3 fish oil right after work/workout. It triggers the fatburning metabolism even more.

    - Rest. Have a lazy-week. Every month or so where you take it really easy for a couple of days. (Hardest part for me, but when I get back Im strong like a hulk)

    This book will answer some/all of Your questions. I recommend it strongly:

    Ha det bra!


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      hi there, eva from finland here

      dont worry about catabolism - thats just some more CW for ya.

      i eat mostly 1 x a day very close to ZC and have been doing that for years and years. i also work out a lot, always on an empty stomach - mostly crossfit, heavy lifting and cycling. i still continue to put on muscle at a very slow but steady pace.

      challenge yourself
      i blog here


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        I used to not last too long, after leaving the house on an empty stomach for a day trip (easy walking + stairs) without getting a horrid "I need food or I'm gonna keel over" feeling. And that was only after about an hour!

        With PB, no problems. I do lots of walking, running, and/or stair climbing (of the heavy exercise variety) on an empty stomach, only with a slight hunger after several hours. I can easily put it off until I get home, or whenever.

        Today I got up at 0630. Had a couple cups of coffee w/ CM and half&half. Left around 1030. 15 min brisk walk to train. Up and down stairs, 35 min train, walking around for about 3 hours with more stairs, back home after more walking. That's a pretty typical "non-exercise" day. Supper was a BAS with cottage cheese an extra generous helping of meat (no lunch today). Feel great.


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          I suppose I am still damaged from the CW I've been fed over the years, especially since I started training and working out in a more serious manner. Eating every 3 hours and all that. The idea of moving at all on an empty stomach would've been the sound of madness just 7 months ago.

          I've been doing my best to eat primal over the last 2 months, but I do get the occasional craving, and when I do, they're quite heavy and I do give in way too often.

          I am convinced PB is the way to eat for me, after I started, even with my failures, I have not had a migraine since. I used to get them when working out quite intensely without eating, but now thats gone. And I actually do feel like I can push more on an empty stomach, even in the gym. This still surprises me. Damn those lies I was fed!

          Thanks for all the advice and tips!


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            Hi Yaurgen, I have a cousin in Goteburg and an uncle in Stockholm, my cousin is coming to visit me in America and someday I want to go visit her in Sweden (I hear it's expensive!)

            Anyway, I read not long ago that there's really nothing wrong with working out in a fasted state (empty stomach) and I've been doing it for about 2 weeks. Today I woke up at 8 am and had a cup of tea, went to school, had two classes and got to the gym around 1pm, did 5x5 squats, 5x5 shoulder press, 1x5 deadlifts, 3xF chin-ups and 3 sets of 45 second planks on a medicine ball. I'm following the regimen and the weight I'm doing is still low, they stress that even though I can lift a little heavier, they want you to start with an empty bar since weight gets added at every workout. Then I went to the track and did 10 sprints of about 15-20 seconds each. After that I felt energized enough to do "the bear" routine, it's a barbell high intensity interval training routine in which you do a deadlift into a hang clean, front squat, shoulder press, back squat, shoulder press then start over. 5 times is one set, you want to 5 sets of 5 and increasing the weight slowly after every set. I did it only 3 times because I was starting to get a little out of breath and I also realized maybe my quads would be yelling at me tomorrow if I pushed further. It's almost been an hour since my workout and I still haven't eaten the food I made. I'm just not hungry right now and the article I read said if you wait an hour the natural HGH in your body will keep burning fat, but if you eat right away, your insulin will kick in and HGH will go away.

            Long story short: I almost never eat 4-5 hours before a workout (sometimes longer, like if I work out soon after waking up, it would be at least 8 hours without food) and I try to wait until an hour after, which is typically not hard to do.

            It sounds like the work you do is demanding but not so much that you need to fuel up before going out there. I say don't worry about it, if you're not hungry don't eat.

            I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.