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Squat & Deadlift Substitute after surgeries?

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  • Squat & Deadlift Substitute after surgeries?

    Last year I was diagnosed with FAI, femero acetabular impingment. My ROM was terrible- I had could squat ass to heals with 500+ pounds, but only in a real narrow stance. After years of psoas and groin issues, and attempts to fix my hip issues with Yoga and and all kinds of stuff, it turned out I had bone growing out from the hip socket and around the ball of the femur (pincer impingement) and the neck of the femur was thickening (cam impingement).

    I had arthroscopic procedures done on both hips, where the surgeon removed the extra bone, and replaced my shredded labrum with cadaver cartilage. I'm finally to the point where I can lift weights and started getting my conditioning back. Oh, and the doc said I have to lose 40 pounds (I gained 30 when I had to start laying around all the time and hobbling on a cane).

    However, I am not allowed to squat with weights anymore. I am allowed to do 1/4 squats with light weight. Even though I am getting a good upper body workout, it just feel like I have not had a good workout without squats and deadlifts.

    What exercises can I do to get the metabolic effects of squats without loading the hips? Do I have to resign myself to the isolation lift machines?

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    Probably have to at least for the time being. You don't wanna overload those joints with weigh until they are healed up well. Dunno anything that gives you the same metabolic bang as DL or squats, but perhaps a high intensity row session with just a little leg involvement?


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      Get your weighted chins in. And do your heavy weighted dips. And also heavy Overhead Press. You'll just have to accept no squats or deadlifts for now. However, if you lift heavy everywhere else and get your heart rate up, you'll be reaping plenty of benefits.


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        I feel your pain - although I was not squatting as heavy as you do, I love to work my legs. With my knee the way it is, I can't right now. I try to justify all sorts of things, but it all comes down to that fact that I need to heal and listening to the doctor who has done this before makes the most sense. Sucks, eh?
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