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  • Recommended reading?

    I'm not usually one to start threads here but I've finally come up with a question that a little outside input might be helpful with. Most everyone here knows how valuable of a resource Good Calories Bad Calories is when it comes to nutritional health, but my question is "does a fitness health equivalent exists?" And what I mean by this is, a book that talks about the scientific ins and outs of exercise, and maybe even some history of trends and ideas that have changed how people workout and get "fit".

    To preface your answers I can tell you what I have read:

    -Some books by Pavel Tsatsouline

    -Abs Diet(I know, I know)

    -Body By Science


    Those are the titles that stand out in my head. I've tried to read as much as I could find on my own but now I've turned to my fellow Groks and Grokettes for help! any books or exercise suggestions will be very much appreciated.


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    GCBC just arrived for me, so I don't know how to equate it with exercise. I'll be reading it soon though.

    I'm just as anxious to see what comes up here as you probably are, but there are a couple that I like. It's important to define what it is that you're looking for. Body building is very different from fitness, which is very different from weight loss, etc... but the lines often get blurred.

    Core Fitness is okay. Move a Little Lose a Lot is pretty interesting (but misses the boat on a lot). For history, see if you can find a copy of Farmer Burns, Charles Atlas, or any of those guys.