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Alternatives to Sprinting?

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  • Alternatives to Sprinting?

    Man, was I enjoying sprinting, but it seems I pulled a muscle in my right thigh. I think it's a quadracep. It's taking forever to heal. I'm starting to think it's going to need a whole month. I can walk OK with any pain, I just feel it when I go all out sprinting.

    What can I do for short burst intense exercise while it heals? I don't have a bike or access to a stationary one.

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    Mountain climbers?
    I would try any move that gets your heart rate up using a Tabata protocol.
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      I had the same issue...
      If you have a bike, or access to one (even at the gym), I think 20 seconds on, and 10 seconds off sprints on a bike for 4 minutes are an excellent Tabata style activity to replace sprints (running). You just have to play with the tension to make sure there is enough resistance, and it is still allowing you to be moving fast enough.
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        power cleans